Samsung Unpacked 2012 teaser, Galaxy owner or sheep

With the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S3 fast approaching, old Sammy has already posted a website for ‘The Next Galaxy’, and now old Sammy has posted a couple of videos teasing their Unpacked 2012 event, one of which we have for your viewing consideration below.

The Samsung Unpacked 2012 teaser 2 video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Ubergizmo and is the longer version of two videos, the other being some 15-seconds long, so we thought you’d like to see the longer version which lasts just over a minute.

In the video old Samsung touts such things as ‘Where a galaxy fits perfectly into your hand,’ and ‘you can now stand out from…’ and here we think old Sammy is taking a little swipe at owners of a certain Apple smartphone, although Sammy does say…’everyone else.’

That ‘everyone else’ is overlaid on numerous sheep, so could Sammy be making fun at the iOS faithful by calling them sheep in this Unpacked 2012 teaser, or are they simply saying that if you own a Samsung Galaxy smartphone you are extraordinary and are not one of the sheep. Given the rivalry between Samsung and Apple along with the legal battles it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if those sheep were a sideways swipe at the iPhone user.

The Samsung Unpacked 2012 event is of course scheduled for the 3rd of May in London where it is expected Samsung will launch the Samsung Galaxy S3. So head on down and mash that play button and see what you think, do you think old Sammy is having a cheeky poke at iPhone users or not…enjoy.

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