Minecraft Pocket Edition app version 0.3.0 update

If you are a mobile gamer on the iOS platform that enjoys building worlds then no doubt you already have the Minecraft Pocket Edition app for iOS, so you just might like to know that the Minecraft Pocket Edition has now received an update to version 0.3.0, which delivers a few goodies for gamers.

I’m sure you already know the basics of Minecraft, but for those that might not, the Minecraft Pocket Edition app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad, enables the user to create randomised worlds and anything you can imagine by using blocks.

The gamer can use those blocks to create masterpieces, construct your stuff using several differing kinds of blocks, save multiplayer worlds on your own device, and invite and play with your friends via local wireless network.

Now down to what that update to Minecraft Pocket Edition of iOS devices brings, the update delivers cows and chickens, damageable items, a new crafting user interface accessible from […]Inventory → [Craft], press and hold to drop items from the selection slots, and some resources can only be gathered with specific tools, to find out about that see crafting descriptions.

For those iOS gamers out there that aren’t already building their blocky worlds with the Minecraft Pocket Edition app for iOS devices, or if you want the updated 0.3.0 version you can grab the app from iTunes at a cost of $6.99.


9 thoughts on “Minecraft Pocket Edition app version 0.3.0 update”

  1. Sam says:

    just got the update yesterday i was so excited i thought it was a dream!! i started to play it and now im hooked ive found iron which i picked up and put in my house and made a cave to mine in. all they need now is buckets, sighns and a furnace that would make my day :D.

  2. Minecraft kid says:

    please creator of minecraft pocket edition.
    I really wanna sleep in the game.version 0.3.0 can’t be updated.
    Oh and add a chest please.To:creator of minecraft pocket edition.thnx if u do it cause please I wanna update it tommorrow morning

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