Dangerous phone call accident leaves girl falling

We are often warned of the dangers of using our mobile phones while driving and in a lot of places the practice is now illegal, but no one really warns us of the possible dangers while walking along the pavement as one girl recently found out while making a call and an accident left the girl falling.

In the video below you can see a Chinese girl going about her business deep into a conversation on her mobile phone, when suddenly a hole appears in the pavement and swallows her up without any warning. As Cnet are reporting one minute she was happily chatting away before suddenly being dropped down below ground level.

Luckily a passing taxi driver spotted the drama and quickly runs over to see if the girl is ok to see her clinging to an electrical gable before climbing down with her. Luckily the school girl wasn’t seriously hurt after plunging down the hole.

The huge cavity below the pavement was apparently created by running water and we can only laugh about such incidents when no one suffers injury or loss. It took the fire brigade to come to the rescue of both the girl and the taxi driver, and the chivalrous taxi driver even insisted that the school girl got out of the hole first.

There have been a number of cases over the years of people having mishaps while using a mobile phone, and as way back as 2008 a British charity claimed that one in ten people had incurred an injury while texting and walking along the street, some even decided to wrap the metal lampposts with cushioned material so people concentrating texting on their handsets didn’t hurt themselves.

Have you ever bumped into something while using your mobile phone?


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