New 2012 HTC Facebook smartphone in the making

HTC has been busy recently with the launch of its new One range of smartphones that the company is looking to for a turnaround in its falling sales. Today we have news of a new 2012 HTC Facebook smartphone that is reportedly in the making.

There have been many rumours before that Facebook would launch its own branded handset, but now according to DigiTimes HTC has teamed up with Facebook to launch a smartphone during the third quarter of 2012. It is believed that Google will continue to work with Samsung for the development of its next Nexus smartphone, and with this in mind HTC has decided to take its own route with work on a Facebook smartphone.

Previously the manufacturer had worked with Google for the launch of the first Google branded handset in the shape of the Nexus One, but now that Google has favoured Samsung instead so HTC decided on the Facebook project.

The handset being developed by HTC will feature a platform that will be exclusive to Facebook, and will enable and integrate all of the functionality of the social networking site according to sources. Before now HTC launched two Facebook enabled handsets, the Chacha and Salsa that featured a dedicated Facebook button.

Facebook is believed will further expand its investments and sources of income once it’s become a public company, and the launch of own branded smartphones is believed to be part of this future investment. HTC has seen its sales and profits drop dramatically in recent times as it loses market share to the likes of Apple and Samsung.

If HTC can get its own niche product in the form of a Facebook handset it will help the company with regards to sales, and offer something different to consumers. Facebook meanwhile has often said it has no plans to develop a dedicated handset so it remains to be seen if there is any truth in the rumour.

Do you think a dedicated Facebook phone makes sense?

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