iPhone 5 & iOS 6 hype WWDC 2012 sell out

The next iPhone is always the subject of huge amounts of debate, speculation and rumor before it finally becomes official and we’ve noticed that the hype surrounding the iPhone 5 seems to be even greater than usual. Yesterday Apple confirmed its WWDC event for 2012 and we wonder if the massive amount of hype about the iPhone 5 and also iOS 6 led to the record breaking sell out of tickets within two hours.

Yesterday we told readers about the WWDC 2012 event and how tickets had gone on sale. Many feel that iOS 6 may well get an airing during the event which runs from June 11 through June 15 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco and speculation is also rife about an iPhone 5 unveiling. However we feel that news of the iPhone 5 is less likely and although numerous leaks and conjecture has provided us with an idea of what to expect, none of this will be official until Apple chooses to disclose it.

If an iPhone 5 release is coming in June, shortly after WWDC as many feel, then of course it would be likely that we will see the big reveal at the event. However, we’re still in the school of thought that feels a fall release for the iPhone 5 is much more likely, in which case a June unveiling would seem unlikely. iDownload Blog brings news about the record breaking sell out of WWDC tickets that were priced at $1599 each.

Within 2 hours the tickets were all sold which meant that in fact many developers in the US may have missed out on tickets. Tickets went on sale at 1:30pm GMT, which meant some interested parties in the US were still sound asleep. Last year tickets took 12 hours to sell out while the year before tickets were on sale for 2 weeks before they ran out. Interest in WWDC is always extensive then but this year it seems to have hit a high and we feel that the build-up about iOS 6 as well as the iPhone 5 is a big reason for this.

There have been many murmurings that the event will focus on iOS and Mac OS X and there are plenty of people heading to WWDC who will be hoping for all the info on iOS 6. Equally though the hype surrounding the iPhone 5 will have many hoping that it may make an appearance too although as we’ve already said, there could be disappointment on this score. If you want to find out more about Apple’s WWDC 2012 then head to the official Apple pages here. You can see that over 100 sessions on iOS and OS X essentials are planned and there are details of events, tracks, awards and more, as well as FAQs.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on WWDC 2012 selling out so quickly. Do you think it’s because of the huge amount of publicity regarding iOS 6 on the way? Maybe you feel all the hype and puff about the iPhone 5 was the cause of the phenomenally fast sell out?


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    1. Jackiestait says:

      Having said that we all had this info last year June/July release then it was October I have a feeling it could be the same this year, but who knows, here’s hoping.

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