Galaxy S3 another image spotted: real or fake

The big smartphone about to make it into the mobile space is of course the latest Galaxy smartphone out of the Samsung camp, the Samsung Galaxy S3, and thus far there have been a few pictures doing the rounds of the new Galaxy smartphone, and today yet another image has surfaced.

According to the guys over at Slash Gear, this latest picture of the Samsung Galaxy S3 was given exclusively to the guys over at Know Your Mobile by an unnamed tipster, and came with the attached words…Samsung Galaxy S3.

Of course that doesn’t mean it is a real deal picture of the upcoming highly anticipate Samsung Galaxy S3, but the guys do say that this particular image doesn’t appear to be of a prototype or photoshopped, still as with most things that aren’t confirmed it could be a fake or real.

However, the Slash Gear guys are somewhat sceptical of this supposed Samsung Galaxy S3 picture due to the reflection of the hand of the person snapping the photo, as that hand reflection seems to extend from the device over onto the carpet.

In any case, whether this image is the latest in a long line of images is real or fake, it won’t be all that long before we all get the official details and images when old Sammy delivers the Android smartphone, which is presumed to take place during their Unpacked 2012 event on the 3rd of May in London.

What do our reader’s think of this latest Galaxy S3 image, real or fake?


3 thoughts on “Galaxy S3 another image spotted: real or fake”

    1. Ronf57 says:

       the design looks too “apple-esque” like a lawsuit looking to be filed.
      I think the S3 will be similar but not so “apple center button” styled.
      If it resembles thispicture though…i want one! unfortunately I’m in the USA and I would have to get the crippled younger brother the dual core to use 4g? LTE

  1. Rmhussain says:

    It is as I believe a real samsung galaxy s3 as samsung has leaked the specifications of the samsung galaxy and the picture if this phone comes with it

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