Three UK Sony Xperia Arc S Android 4.0 ICS update

Late last month it was revealed that the Sony Xperia range would begin getting the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update sometime this month, and only last week Sony begun the process rolling out the upgrade to the Xperia Arc S, Xperia Neo and Xperia Ray, and now we have news of the Three UK Sony Xperia Arc S Android 4.0 ICS update.

The updated software first started to hit handsets in the Nordic countries, and it has slowly rolled out to other countries in the last couple of days and as Softpedia are reporting UK carrier Three have announced the availability of the new software to customers that had purchased the smartphone via its official channels.

As is the norm now the update is available from the latest version of the Sony PC Companion software, which you can download from here. It is recommended that Sony Xperia Arc S owners back up all their personal data stored on the device before updating to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and make sure that their device has at least fifty percent of its battery power left.

The carrier has started rolling out the new software slightly ahead of Sony’s planned release, and the news was broken by Three via their official Twitter account, which came after Sony revealed the software would be available in the next four to six weeks.

Once users have connected their device to the Sony PC Companion software Three are saying the Android ICS update should be found automatically, and once users have installed the software they will be treated to a variety of new features.

These include a redesigned interface, improved web browser, enhanced power management, and Google’s new social People app. Head over to the Three support page for more information about the update.

Lets us know if you have already updated your Sony Xperia Arc S and how it went.


26 thoughts on “Three UK Sony Xperia Arc S Android 4.0 ICS update”

  1. Robert Caldecott says:

    I updated my Arc S … and promptly went back to Gingerbread.  Most of my games don’t work with ICS – touch controls seem to be a real problem and some games won’t load at all.  I don’t know if this is a Sony issue or not but luckily I know how to flash an older firmware else I’d be very upset as the Sony PC tools don’t allow you to downgrade.  I am not alone with these issues so if you like gaming on your Xperia device DON’T UPGRADE TO ICS!

    1. Damosca12 says:

      How did you manage to revert to Gingerbread? I did the upgrade on my daughters phone but this is no good it hangs, freezes and lags. Gingerbread performed better. Now I want to downgrade but dont know how.

  2. Bigjonaton says:

    Bad idea! I’ve upgraded my Arc s and now it performs terribly. Not sure what to do now, whether to hold on for a Sony update, or to flash the firmware back to gingerbread. Laggy, hangs, battery consumption drastically compromised, Wifi drops and has a poor signal… hmm, I was so looking forward to this update as I like the features, but I would recommend users wait. Oh yeah, gets bloodt hot ‘n all!

  3. BSloan says:

    Backed up everything and started update – went incredibly smoothly and now running ICS with no noticeable slowdown and no need to restore anything from backup.  Looks much better – text is much clearer, and the various settings dialogues, notifications, etc., are that bit slicker.  Very happy with it so far…

  4. Miclade says:

    Just bought Sony Experia S, Im not really happy with the battery life. Just 1/2 a day at the moment and the phone is made with dammn cheap plastic..

    Anyone else share same view ?

    1. Mark says:

      Juice defender app does a great job in extending battery life. I can now rely on my Arc to last at least a day without a recharge. It used to conk out after about 8 hours of light use. I found it money well spent

    2. Ryand says:

       My Sony Xperia S was the same with battery life, but after a few weeks its starting to last a bit longer, it also says in the information booklet in the box that new batteries basically need to be charged more often till it can hold a longer charge? But the plastic is fine with me most phones are made of plastic :/ but I use a case anyway so doesn’t really bother me.

  5. Henit says:

    I upgraded my arc s to 4.0.3 and it works like butter no lag issues…battrey life also nyc…better then GB..vv happy with ics good work by sony 🙂

  6. terminator says:

    i upgraded my arc s and i feel that phone has become a lil slower..when i click on phone option, it takes a while to show the log and the contacts…this is the main problem, otherwise it works fine..

  7. Pedrewsl says:

    I had troubles with the wifi, the phone becames slower after upgrade to ICS. I found in the internet a tutorial to downgrade to Gingerbread and now it’s work very well. I think no  advantages upgrading to ICS.

  8. Mr.B says:

    For those who had troubles after updating to ICS. Just a quick question.
    When you guys upgraded to ICS, do you have third party apps installed? or did you factory reset before updating?

  9. Bilalawan16 says:

    Some people are happy with the upgrade while some are not!!!
    What should ido? I dont know whether I should update my experia arc s or not. Help please…

  10. Aneurin Nanggar says:

    the first time after the upgrade, it was superb.but after a while most of my apps crashed, touch screen becomes less sensitive during a charge, a lot of RAM usage tough killing apps quite often.sony if this is what i get after the update, DON’T spread the news on getting an update.

  11. Matt says:

    I upgraded recently and, although I love the look and interface of ics, my phone’s performance has dropped quite noticeably…. It seemed laggy at first so I uninstalled all my apps to no difference. My battery life has also halved I’d say, the phone gets really hot like almost to hot to touch at the top of the phone. Not happy at all

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