Walmart distributing Alltel Wireless & US Cellular U prepaid plans

Wireless customers are about to be given more options with news that U.S. Cellular and Alltel Wireless are about to expand distribution using Walmart this month. The move means that the wireless carriers will offer prepaid wireless service through over 500 Walmart stores.

U Prepaid is an initiative from US Cellular and Alltel who have joined together to offer the no connect wireless service. Select Walmart stores will take part in the development starting in May across 18 states and customers choosing U Prepaid will have access to flexible payment options with no need for a contract. The service plan choices will be easy to understand and the partnership between US Cellular and Alltel means that one network or the other will be used depending on where the customer lives.

The plan involves the customer choosing any one of four U Prepaid devices on offer and depending on personal usage, an option from a selection of value plans. There are no roaming charges on any of the plans, which are all nationwide and options include multiple data plans as well as plans offering unlimited text and talking.

The four U Prepaid device options are as follows. The Samsung Repp, an Android touchscreen smartphone, the Samsung Chrono a good choice for customers who mainly use their phones for calling or texting, the LG Attune/Exchange and the LG Saber for those who prefer a phone with full QWERTY keyboards.

US Cellular says that this distribution through Walmart will offer customers the convenience of access to a prepaid service while they shop as well as giving customers the chance to control their budgets. Executive vice president of sales and customer service for US Cellular Carter S. Elenz said, “U Prepaid customers with U.S. Cellular will be backed by our high-speed network, which has the highest call quality and network satisfaction of any national carrier.”

Chief marketing officer for Alltel, Lesa Handly said, “Together, (with US Cellular) we can leverage our position as the “local” wireless carrier offering a hometown alternative in the communities we serve.” What are your thoughts on this new initiative involving US Cellular, Alltel Wireless and Walmart? Will you be using U Prepaid?


2 thoughts on “Walmart distributing Alltel Wireless & US Cellular U prepaid plans”

  1. Werytte says:

    So another major player enters the Walmart fray? But why UPaid? I mean, apart from the name, the phones, and the plans, seated next to tracfone’s Straightalk subsidiary, sems a little pale…Here you got better phones, and a cheaper, more reliable network offers than USC, and Atel are bringing to the table…what’s the deal?! Surely there must be some catchline here?
    If they were serious about adding subscribers, then they’d surely be looking at markets that aren’t inundated with post-script prices…they should be looking at the senior market. That’s right. Currently the only prepaid, nationwide, wireless provider serving the low-budget market is Tracfone’s SVC brand of plans, and phones. There actually is no other that can compare. Sure there’s specialist phones, but they come at premium, just for being specialized. US Cell should have a look. Until then. I’m grateful there’s at least one provider offering anything.

  2. Pissed Off Customer says:

    kayy so if your gonna make a new prepaid plan how bout actually make it popular so you don’t have to search through bing and google to find the stupid website! or maybe get the representatives to answer the phones when you call to activate the phone! 

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