Amazon said to be working on first Kindle Smartphone

No doubt most are aware of the success the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet has been for Amazon, the latest word doing the rounds is that Amazon is looking to capitalise on the success of their Kindle products by delivering the first Amazon Kindle smartphone, and is said to be working on the new handset.

According to the guys over at T3 by way of Wired, the next logical step for Amazon is to enter the smartphone space with a Kindle smartphone says Aapo Markkanen, an analyst for ABI Research.

Apparently though, Amazon will be taking a few hints from Apple when it comes to the Amazon Kindle smartphone, in as much as the device will have a locked in infrastructure that would apparently fill the requirements of Amazon’s eRearer, tablet and smartphone users.

Furthermore it has also been suggested that an Amazon Kindle smartphone would feature the heavily skinned Android operating system the same as on the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet with content being downloaded via Amazon’s AppStore.

Amazon is already on their way to delivering a Kindle smartphone to the mobile market according to Mark Hahaney, a Citigroup analyst, and apparently believes Amazon will deliver their smartphone to the mobile space in Q4 of 2012.

Apparently the analyst also noted in a report to investors back in November, that based on checking the suppy chain they believe that Foxconn in conjunction with Amazon is working to deliver the phone, a device that could cost between $150 and $170 to build, and with Amazon offering the Kindle smartphone to customers at cost.

Of course, when contacted, Amazon didn’t offer any confirmation either way on their first Kindle smartphone, so for now at least the possibility of a Amazon handset coming out to play remains in the unconfirmed rumour realm.

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