Android Open Kang Project (AOKP) Milestone 5 Changelog

The Android platform does have its critics with regards to fragmentation and the odd rogue applications finding their way onto the Google Play Store, but the platforms openness does have its advantages over iOS when you consider the variety of custom ROMS that are available for various handsets. Today we have news of the Android Open Kang Project that has reached Milestone 5.

If you are a fan of custom ROMs and you own a Galaxy Nexus or another recent Android handset, there is a chance that you would have tried the Android Open Kang Project or AOKP for short. As the Android community are reporting it has become one of the fastest growing families of custom built ROMs available.

Since it first started towards the end of 2011 the project has already released more than thirty builds, and is now on Milestone 5, and the Android Open Kang Project already has a good selection of custom features that have come from a variety of mods and open source Android ICS ROMs such as CyanogenMod9.

Some of the notable new additions include kernel upgrades for the Galaxy Nexus and a variety of camera fixes, and some bugs that have been fixed. Single-square widgets and various settings such as the LED flashlight can now be added to the navigation bar now.

Not all of the Android Open Kang Project hardware has not been updated yet, but devices such as the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Asus Transformer TF101, HTC Incredible, and Motorola XOOM have Milestone 5 builds ready to go.

If your Android smartphone or tablet isn’t supported yet in a week or so the team should have it ready, and coming from an AOKP build later than 30 shouldn’t need a full flash. Trying out AOKP for the first time from another ROM you will need to wipe the device first. The release notes and downloads for a variety of devices can be seen here.

Do you have a custom ROM on your Android device?

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