Vintage old school Gizmon iPhone camera case

If you are one of the iOS faithful that is deeply into photography with their iPhone, and also have a penchant for retro style cases, you might be interested in the Gizmon iPhone camera case, which gives your iOS smartphone a vintage old school camera look and feel so your device looks more like a camera than a smartphone.

According to the guys over at Gizmo Crave, the Gizmon iPhone case is made from super tough polycarbonate and protects from everyday knocks and moisture, whilst the volume button is recessed to mimic the shutter function of a real camera.

The Gizmon camera case is for the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, and cradles your beloved iOS smartphone in the rear of the camera case and enables the user to snap pictures like a pro.

Apparently using the Gizmon iPhone camera case delivers a very good grip on your handset whilst snapping those all-important pictures, with even better and clearer photos due to minimal hand movement whilst delivering the appearance and texture of a vintage style camera.

So for those iOS faithful out there that would simply love to have their iPhone look like an old school camera when snapping their pictures, the Gizmon camera style case for the iPhone can be yours by hitting up the Think Geek website, where you can purchase the iPhone accessory at a cost of $64.99.

We’d like to ask any of our iPhone toting readers out there if the Gizmon iPhone camera case and its vintage style captures your attention enough to want to own one, so feel free to let us know by dropping us a line to our comments area below.

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