New Pair app for Android owners in love

Today we have news of a new Android application that is aimed at those of us who are in love and want to be able to keep in touch with our partner no matter where we might be, and the new Pair app is perfect for Android owners in love.

The application was originally launched on the iOS platform back in March but has now made its debut on the Android platform according to a report on Mashable. Just like the iOS version the new application allows users to create a private shared timeline for couples to easily swap photos, locations, videos, and SMS messages.

It follows the idea behind the Path app but takes it a step further and instead of just sharing personal updates within a small network, Pair allows you to stay constantly connected to one other person. Since the iOS version was first launched the app has gained around 220,000 users along with $4.2 million in funding, and a lawsuit over its name.

Until this latest release only couples that both owned iPhones could use the social network, and both versions of the application are identical even down to a feature that is called ‘thumb kiss’, which vibrates when both users touch the same part of the screen.

Users can also co-create drawings, maintain a joint to-do list, and send each other a ‘thinking of you’ message that works in a similar way to the Facebook Poke, but a little bit more thoughtful.

Already there has been some updates that includes fix crash when selecting an image, performance improvements, profile photo update, fixed inability to sign up with own domain, fixed app crash on login/invite, fixed timeline updates, fixed notification messages, fixed date selection crash, and other minor bug fixes.

The application can be found free on the Google Play Store. Have you used the Pair app?


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