Images of Galaxy S3 accessories but wireless charger may be late

When the new Samsung Galaxy smartphone was announced last week the company also revealed a range of official accessories for the handset, which also included a Wireless Charging Kit, but it seems that this may be late coming to the market.

The handset is due to be released in less than three weeks time but it seems the Wireless Charging Kit won’t be available until September, as Geeky Gadgets are reporting that they received an email from online retailer MobileFun about the delay. No reason was given for the delay but if true early adopters of the handset will be pretty disappointed with the unit’s late arrival.

It was one of the standout features of the device when it was showcased last week, but it seems Galaxy S3 owners will have to wait at least three months to get their hands on the accessory. Meanwhile a number of images have been released for the various accessories for the Galaxy S3 and as SlashGear are reporting the C-Pen is thicker than the S-Pen that comes with the Galaxy Note.

As it doesn’t have to fit inside the casing of the handset it has to be expected that it would be larger and better sized for fitting inside the hand when in use. The Galaxy S3 Flip Cover is another accessory besides the Wireless Charging Kit that is likely to prove popular with consumers. It connects to the handset by replacing the original back cover of the device, and your new back cover is connected to the flap that will flip over and protect the handsets screen.

There is likely to be a number of third-party manufacturers that will bring out similar accessories for the Galaxy S3, which will probably do the same job as some of the official hardware that Samsung is set to provide, but the delay in the Wireless Charging Kit may open the door to a flood of similar products.

Were you planning on getting the Wireless Charging Kit for the Galaxy S3?


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