Android POWOW Text Messaging app with a difference

If you are one of the Android faithful and want a text messenger with a little difference there is now an app called POWOW Text Messaging that delivers one-to-one and group messaging all in one app so the user doesn’t have to send 10 texts to 10 different people, as you can send and receive all replies in a single place.

The POWOW Text Messaging app for Android also offers the user, the ability to blacklist unwanted texters, the ability to mute notifications for select contacts, avoid all elements that slow down other text messaging experiences, and the ability to customise the shown date and time to your preference.

The POWOW Text Messaging app also allows the storage of groups on a server so you can quickly retrieve your groups when you change your Android smartphone, rather than exiting a browser or app to check your message it can pop up on your screen so you can decide whether to read, call, ignore or delete, set favourite contacts and filter messages.

With the POWOW Text Messaging app for Android the user can utilise Google Voice to speak texts rather than having to type them out, import Facebook, Google Contacts, Twitter, and LinkedIn pictures to use in text conversations, and supports native emoticons (non text) that are available to your Android handset.

For those on the Android platform that might be interested in checking out the POWOW Text Messaging app, you can download the application for free by hitting up Google Play.

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