Kindle colour no go but front-lit one is

The way many consumers now read books has changed dramatically in recent times with the launch of eReaders, which was kick started by the Amazon Kindle that saw a number of different devices being released. Amazon has released a number of new versions since the original, which most recently was the Kindle Touch. Today we have news that a Kindle colour seems a no go for now, but a front lit one is on the cards soon.

According to an article over at Reuters sources are claiming that Amazon will launch new versions of its Kindle e-Reader and tablet this year, and one of which is a monochrome eReader that features front lighting. The new version of the popular eReader is claimed to be available to consumers in July according to the unnamed source.

The company has allegedly recently pushed up production of the new unit, and for the first time users won’t need an external light to attach to the device to read in the dark because of the front light. Having a built-in light will reduce battery life for the unit that is currently around two months on a full charge though.

It is also being claimed by the same source that Amazon plans to launch a new Kindle Fire device around the holiday season this year, which will feature a larger display of 8.9-inches that will bring it nearer to the Apple iPad. Barnes & Noble was the first company to provide an eReader with a built-in light, and there has been speculation before that Amazon would do the same.

The new version of the device will also come in touch Wi-Fi and touch 3G versions according to the source, and because the components needed for the light are not very expensive it should only see about a $10 price increase above the current prices or Amazon may not increase them at all.

There has been speculation that a colour version being released by Amazon, but the source is claiming that there is little chance of it being launched this year. Do you use an eReader?

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