Acer no name concept phone, you decide name

As well as smartphone and tablets coming to the market, every now and then we like to bring news of concept phones, particularly as some of the designs are just stunning. Today we have news of a new Acer concept Android phone and as it has no name we thought it would be interesting to ask readers to decide the name.

This is one tasty looking concept phone and comes from Taiwan’s Dan Hsus. A stand out feature is two chins, one at the top of the handset and one at the bottom curling in opposite directions. The upper chin displays the time whilst the bottom one shows icons and apps as on the normal screen. The concept Acer smartphone runs on Android 4.0 and looks to have an integrated rear camera although there’s no noticeable LED flash.

It’s beautifully slim at only 7mm thick and it’s shown in pink, white and blue color options. Concept Phones imagines that this phone would include an NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor and 720p HD resolution as we’d expect of a high-end handset and also points out that the display size looks to be around 4.3-inches. We think a lot of you will be pretty bowled over by the impressive look of this phone.

Another lower end Acer Android device from the same designer is also shown at the Concept Phones link above and this looks to have a 4-inch display, 5-megapixel camera and a customized interface. The casing has blue stripes on both sides, which certainly helps it to stand out from the crowd but may not be to everyone’s liking.

For now we’ll concentrate on the high-end device and we’ve included some photos below this article to give you a good look at this stylish and sleek design. We’d like to hear what you think and as we mentioned before it would be good to hear your ideas of what it could be called? If this concept were to become a reality is it a phone that you would like to own?

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