BMW X6 & 5 Series RC Cars with iPhone control

If you are one of the many that enjoys playing with remote controlled cars, and happen to own an iPhone, you can now get your remote control car action on with the BMW X6 and 5 Series via your iOS smartphone, as there are now perfect replica RC cars of both vehicles available to purchase.

The guys over at iHelicopters now offer the iPhone controlled BMW X6 RC car and the BMW 5 Series RC car for sale at 60-bucks a pop, and you will of course require the YJ-Helicopter iOS app that is available to download to your iPhone for free from iTunes.

The iPhone controlled BMW X6 RC car model is M-Racer Speed King 3D-12 and measures 25 x 10 x 9cms, and is 1:20 scale, and requires four 1.5v AA batteries, with a range of 20-meters, whilst the BMW 5 Series RC car model is M-Racer Speed King 3D-13, and measures 21 x 8 x 7cms, is 1:24 scale, and requires three 1.5v AA batteries, and again has a range of 20-meters, and are suitable for all iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad models.

Once you have your RC car and iPhone app, you plug the transmitter into the headphone jack and you will be ready to race, the controller app gives the user the ability to pick three different frequency bands, which enables them to possibly use three RC cars in the same area and even race against each other.

If you are into the whole remote control car racing game, we have a little video of iHelicopters iPhone remote controlled BMW and Audi RC cars in action for your viewing consideration below, so don;t forget to head on down and mash that play button to check out the footage…enjoy.


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