iPhone Siri UK pathetic so opt for International Locations

Last October when Apple launched the latest version of the iPhone the company revealed the new Siri voice assistant feature, which made its debut on the iPhone 4S and is currently the only iOS device it officially works on. Trouble is if you have the iPhone 4S and live outside of the US the service is not much use to you, and in the UK its pathetic you cannot search any businesses or addresses at the moment, Siri in the UK is just a waste of time and unless Apple turns on the switch to make it work to its full advantage. Well now there is a new Jailbreak tweak called International Locations for Siri.

iPhone 4S users in the US can use a number of location based Siri functions, but if you live in the UK and ask it where the nearest McDonalds is you have no chance of getting an answer, but the hard working jailbreaking community has found a way to make up for Apple’s shortcomings. An article on iDownloadBlog is reporting about a new Assistant Extensions plugin titled International Locations for Siri, which basically allows users to perform location based searches outside of the US.

As long as you own a jailbroken Siri running device you will be able to use International Locations to discover business local to you. You will be able to ask Siri about restaurants, and other points of interest and Siri will give you an answer. If you don’t already have AssistantExtensions downloaded to your device Cydia will get it for you along with the International Locations package.

Once both of these have finished the plugin needs to be activated from the settings menu and you’re good to go. According to the developer, Zaid Elkurdi, the tweak works in over 100 countries that include the likes of the UK, France, and Germany. If you want to try out International Locations for Siri it can be found in Cydia in the BigBoss repo for just $0.99.

Are you disappointed with Siri so far?

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