T-Mobile HTC Amaze 4G problems prompts delay

The patent problems between Apple and HTC is taking its toll at the moment, and until this is all swept under the carpet and forgotten we can see many more issues arising when it comes to HTC smartphone releases.

Today we have learned that T-Mobile has sent out emails explaining that the HTC Amaze 4G has been delayed and shipments of this device has been put on hold. TmoNews explains that T-Mobile has had many surprising responses, US customs had its hold on other devices such as the EVO 4G LTE Sprint phone and the HTC One X AT&T handset, and now it seems the HTC Amaze 4G has been added to this list.

T-Mobile customers will be a little upset right about now, and the source above reached out to the mobile carrier, they show an email covering “Your T-Mobile order”, it starts of with Dear T-Mobile customer we thank you for your recent order. We will not mention the whole letter as you can read this over on TmoNews, but it does explain that T-Mobile wanted to let customers know that their HTC Amaze 4G has been delayed, apparently down to an unforeseen issue with receiving the product from the manufacturer.

They go on to suggest choosing an alternate device, and that customers can call 1-800-672-5390, its agents will be happy to find you another handset, it you still prefer to keep your original order of the Amaze 4G they will ship to you as soon as it is available.

The email suggests that customers could always opt for the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G, this is totally free with no rebate, and overnight shipping will not be charged. It also allows customers to track orders via here, T-Mobile do apologise for the delay.

If you have pre-ordered the HTC Amaze 4G please do let us know how you are feeling right about now?


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  1. I understand the frustration on a lot of people’s behalf, however, I love my Apple devices & will not bash them because another company decided to infringed on their software. HTC knew about this issue awhile ago & should have fixed said issue. The Amaze is a great device & the fact that I was able to snag 2 for free is a win. I will not be asking for a substitute device & I’ll be waiting until this is resolved

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