CPW Nokia Lumia 710 with free apps worth £20

If you are in the United Kingdom and in the market for a Windows Phone such the Nokia Lumia 710, if you hit up the Carphone Warehouse and purchase the Nokia Lumia 710 you can now get a voucher for 20-quids worth of free mobile apps that allows you to buy whatever app you like.

The Carphone Warehouse offers the Nokia Lumia 710 smartphone on contract as a free Windows Phone starting at £15.50 per month or as a Pay As You Go handset from £129.95 with a £10 top up.

That £15.50 per month starting price is on both Orange and O2, on Orange you get 100 Anytime Any Network minutes, unlimited texts and 100MB data or 200 minutes and unlimited texts, or 50 minutes, unlimited texts and 250MB data and one free Orange Swapable.

On O2 you get the Nokia Lumia 710 for free for £15.50 per month with 250 Anytime Same network minutes, 200 Anytime Any network minutes and unlimited texts, or 100 minutes Anytime Any network minutes and unlimited texts.

Of course those pay monthly tariffs on both networks are based on signing up for the usual 24-month contract, whilst that free apps offer is exclusive to the Nokia Lumia 710 purchased from Carphone Warehouse before the 3rd of July, and after 14-days of owning the Windows Phone you can claim the voucher by hitting up Nokiafreeapps, before the 31st of July 2012.

Quick reminder of what the Nokia Lumia 710 offers, a 3.7-inch Clear Black WVGA scratch resistant touch screen, a 5 megapixel rear facing camera with auto-focus and LED flash, a 1.4GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 8GB storage and 512MB of RAM.

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