gTar digital guitar for iPhone the perfect teacher

There are a number of applications available for owners of the iPhone to help them learn to play the guitar and other various instruments, but today we have news of a clever iPhone music accessory called gTar, which is basically a digital guitar for the iPhone that will be the perfect teacher.

The gTar is another innovative idea that can be found on the Kickstarter project, and it is promised to help anybody play music regardless of experience. The product looks like a cross between an electric guitar and something you would find with the Rock Band video game. This is different though as users are required to download the app to their iPhone before docking it into the gTar.

It has a number of sensors that detect what users are playing in real time and relay each note to the iPhone, which then reproduces the actual sound. There is a number of LEDs that are positioned along the fret board that will show users how to play. The free gTar application will come with a number of songs allowing you to start playing instantly, and an intuitive feature called SmartPlay will mute out incorrect notes for beginners and helps you along your way as you learn.

There are three levels of difficulty starting with Easy that only requires you to play the open strings, while Medium takes it a step further getting you to play the frets and strings at the same time. Once you have progressed the Hard level will display the correct notes, but also allows you to play whatever song you want and SmartPlay stops working on this level.

As the gTar is powered by the iPhone users can make sound however they want, and Free Play allows you to pick from a variety of guitar models, drums, synths, and keyboards. There is also an expression pad provided for tweaking sound effects. Check out the video below and for more information and to make a pledge click here.

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