The best panorama app I’ve ever used

I downloaded Panorama to my iPhone 4S yesterday and I really love it. This is the best panorama app I’ve ever used. I used to capture panorama with another app — 360 Panorama, and I thought that 360 Panorama has done a nice job in panorama stitching, but now, Panoramaâ„¢ is the one.

Actually, Panorama is quite the same as 360 Panorama. Snap, move steadily from left to right, and panorama comes out. It’s hard for me to tell the difference between Wondershare’s Panorama and Occipital’s 360 Panorama at the shooting part. What struck me the most is the editing feature from Panorama, which lets me add cool effects to panorama that I took. There are 12 different effects to choose from. No other panorama apps can do such thing. Panoramaâ„¢ gives panorama stitching more fun than ever.

Besides, I can share the awesome panoramas to Tumblr. I use Tumblr most of the time and always want to share photos with my Tumblr followers. 360 Panorama can only support uploading to Twitter, Facebook and its own community. I guess that Occipital aims to build an image community just like Instagram does, but I don’t think that is a good idea. In Panorama, you would share your works with friends via Email, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and most popular social networks in China. Cool, right? I think so.

Panorama releases its new version today. I found that I could take pictures with real-time effects in this new version. This is another feature, which cannot be found in other apps. The developer gave me a big surprise. Panorama is recommended in Apple Store now, and they deserve it. There are one more spotlights, that Panorama is totally free! Waste $0.99 to buy 360 Panorama or enjoy panorama with free yet more powerful Panorama, everyone can make the decision without any hesitation.

Get Panorama right now via the App Store for free, please do let us know what you think of this application, thanks.

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