Verizon phones Android 4.0 ICS update roundup

Regular readers of Phones Review will know that we’ve been bringing news on devices that will receive the Android 4.0 ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) update. As various manufacturers have released updated time frames from time to time we’ve been informing readers but today we thought we’d give Verizon Android device owners news of a useful release roundup of the latest information available on the ICS update.

We’ve been bringing readers news about the 4.0 ICS update in drabs and drabs as it has been forthcoming from different manufacturers and carriers and to be frank there have been so many reports coming in that it has been difficult to keep up with all the news in a convenient way. We know from comments to our previous stories on the ICS update that many people are becoming frustrated at the long wait for the upgrade to come to their phones or tablets so having all of the most recent and relevant information in one handy source should be useful to many of you.

Over on Droid-Life they’ve put together a really useful compilation of info on this and with Motorola and HTC both providing timelines now as well as most of the other manufacturers, they’ve come up with a list of all Verizon’s Android devices from various manufacturers that you can check out from time to time. What’s more, whenever later news on these Verizon device ICS updates comes through, the post will be updated. If you want to check it out in full then please do so at the Droid-Life link above.

The list is split into various sections for HTC, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Sony, Pantech and Casio and shows likely times that each device will be receiving the ICS update. Alternatively you can find whether the update for your device has already been rolled out, or if it’s not coming at all as well as other useful information that may be available (or not).

For example a quick look at Motorola shows the Droid Razr ICS update due for Q2, the Droid Razr MAXX for Q2, Droid 4 for Q3, the Droid Bionic for Q3 plus more. HTC examples include the Rezound for June or July, Thunderbolt for July or August and Rhyme for June or July, plus more. This is certainly a useful resource then and if you want to keep a close eye on the ICS update for your device then you may want to bookmark the Droid-Life article at our previous link to it.

We shall of course continue to bring news as we hear it but as we think our readers may find the roundup useful we thought we’d bring you news of it as well. Are you waiting for the ICS update for your Verizon Android device? Does it feel like you’ve been waiting too long? Let us know by sending us your comments.

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