Nokia Lumia 610 now lacking Skype support

If you are contemplating picking up the Nokia Lumia 610 Windows Phone, and enjoy using Skype to chat with friends, then perhaps the Nokia Lumia 610 isn’t the smartphone for you, because the word is Nokia has decided to drop Skype support with the Nokia Lumia 610.

According to the guys over at GSM Arena, by way of Welovewp, Nokia has announced they are dropping support for Skype on the Nokia Lumia 610 due to a below par user experience of using the Skype app on this particular Windows Phone.

According to Nokia, although the Windows Phone version of Skype works on the Nokia Lumia 610, they have found after in-depth testing that the user experience is not on par with both Nokia and Skype’s expectations, and as such owners of the Lumia 610 will no longer be able to download the Skype app from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

The GSM Arena guys suggest that the reason for the below par Skype user experience is due to the Nokia Lumia 610 having 256MB of Ram and an 800MHz processor, whereas other Windows Phone devices sport 512MB of RAM and a 1GHz processor.

They also say that it is somewhat strange considering the close relationship between Nokia and Microsoft, and the fact that Microsoft owns Skype, how they haven’t managed to get Skype working on the Lumia 610.

Anyway, as it stands, if you own a Nokia Lumia 610 you will no longer be able to use Skype. Does the lack of Skype on the Nokia Lumia 610 put anyone off purchasing the Windows Phone?


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