Hands-On Review: iW500 iPhone controlled car climbs walls & ceilings

Everyone loves a little fun in their lives, so how about a remote control car? Not any normal RC car though as this one can climb walls and drive on ceilings. We have been sent the iPhone Controlled Wall Climbing Car iW500, and this car is unique in two ways.

We will give this iHelicopters.net RC Car the once over, play around with it and test it by using it on walls and on the ceiling. We would like to mention there is a video below of us messing around with it at a mates house, always do things in the office and this time round we thought it was perfect to use in a normal house environment, please do read on and see what you make of our review.

We said above that the Wall Climbing Car iW500 is unique in two ways, the first being you can control it by using your iPhone and the other is that it sticks to walls and ceiling. This car uses the total opposite principle as a hovercraft; instead of blowing air out of the bottom it will suck air in allowing it to stick to surfaces. You can also use this car on the floor by turning off the vacuum, which is a cool touch.

In the Box
When you order this car via iHelicopters.net, you will get in the box obviously the iPhone Controlled RC Wall Climbing Car iW500, and yes it is all assembled, also comes with the iPhone transmitter, USB charging cable and the user manual. You will need to download an app for the App Store, we will explain a little more about this below.

First Impressions
To be honest we actually thought it was going to be yet another RC car, if you are into remote control cars you would know the difference, well with this one you do not have to know anything about them as this one is unique in its own way. We got it out of the box and charged it for like an hour and then installed the app and was playing with it for ages (With a few charges in between), the video we have provided below shows that the battery died down, guess we should have recorded first before playing with it for ages and draining the battery.

The Design
At a glance it does not look like it has been built with quality, but until you are up close and personal you see that it is very good. Trust us when we say it is very good and indeed strong because we put it on the ceiling and then hit the edge of the wall at full speed so it drops to the floor, and not a scratch or crack and it still works. So overall build quality is second to none.

The Key Features
These obviously include the ability to use the car on walls and ceilings, and we love the fact you can use the iPhone to control it. The car comes with front and a rear light, the Wall Climbing Car has 3 settings that include OFF, ON with off and ON with vacuum on. You can use an iPod Touch or iPad as well to control but we used the iPhone 4S.

Main Specs Include: The Weccan iW500 car size 15 x 8 x 4.5 cm, has a 3.7V 200mAh Li-Polymer battery and weighs a mere 380 grams, has a control range of 8 to 10 meters, 3 Channel Band Selection (A/B/C), Gyro Tilt Control, Wall Climbing Car has a 30 minute charge time with a playing time of 8 to 10 minutes, in fact we got 7 so that is spot on really, with vacuum off and floor play time you will get a lot more. Other specs include Wall Climbing Car charges via USB, and the iSpace-Weccan app is free, which you can get here

The Positives
You will have so much fun with this little car, you will be forever charging, as when the battery dies down you will want to play with it again. It is light, easy to use with app, and well worth the money in our eyes.

The Negatives
One negative here, wow it is loud. The air vacuum does give off a very loud noise, but the fun will take over and you will forget the noise.

Phones Review Overall Summary
We really liked this, had so much fun. This will, be the shortest summary today because we have said all we need above really, if you want an RC car with a difference then we suggest the iPhone Controlled Wall Climbing Car iW500 will be a perfect choice for you.

Where to Buy and Price
Please visit iHelicopters.net where you can purchase for only $59.95, you can choose between two colours, which are the blue/silver or the red/silver. Have fun

More Hands-On Photosplease do watch the video provided below

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