New online browser experience with Yahoo! Axis app

If you have an iOS device and like to use Yahoo! As your preferred way of searching, you just might like to know that there is a new iOS app available for your device called Yahoo! Axis -A Search Browser, which is apparently a new browser that redefines searching the web via your iPhone, Apple iPad or desktop.

The Yahoo! Axis — A Search Browser app is for the iPhone and Apple iPad, and lays claim to being the only one step search experience that enables the user to enter a search, view and interact with the results, and locate whatever you require without the need to leave the page you are on.

The Yahoo! Axis iOS app features such things as instant answers, the ability to pick up right where you left off as you move across your iPhone, Apple iPad and desktop, and makes your recently visited sites, bookmarks and saved articles auto-accessible over all your devices.

The Yahoo! Axis app also centralizes your online experience with a customisable home page, that delivers direct access to favourite websites across all your devices.

We also have for your viewing pleasure below a Yahoo! Axis first look video, which comes our way courtesy of the guys over at CnetTV, and shows off what the Yahoo! Axis app for iOS is all about.

For those iOS faithful out there that would like to give what the Yahoo! Axis — A Search Browser has to offer a whirl, you can download the application to your chosen iOS device running iOS 4.3 or above, as a free download by hitting up iTunes.


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  1. I only used the Firefox add-on but I didn’t like it. The paned tabs in the carousel were nice for searching images but I didn’t like the fact you went straight to the website and not to the image. That search bar was a bit annoying as well.

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