iPhone accessories: SuperShell case from M-Edge

If you own an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S obviously you’ll want to keep your iOS smartphone in pristine condition for as long as you can, and use a case to protect your beloved smartphone from those everyday accidental knocks, bumps and drops, and this is where the M-Edge SuperShell for the iPhone4/4S comes in.

You may find that SuperShell name familiar, because the case was originally designed for the Apple iPad, and now M-Edge has announced the SuperShell case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, and as such the edges of the SuperShell iPhone case will protect your iOS smartphone just like it has done with the Apple iPad.

The SuperShell case for the iPhone4/4S is manufactured in ultra-protective closed cell foam, with a fine dimpled texture to ensure a firm grip, with cut-outs for the camera and speakers, and access to all ports.

We have a little video of the SuperShell case being tossed about for your viewing consideration below that comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Ubergizmo by way of Tech Crunch, so don’t forget to hit that play button and check out the footage so you can see the bounce the iPhone gets when dropped.

For those that want to take advantage of the protection the SuperShell case for the iPhone has to offer, the case is available in a choice of four colour options, and commands a price tag of $29.99 over at the M-Edge website.

One does have to say though that if you prefer a more minimalistic case then you shouldn’t go for the SuperShell case, as the accessory does tend to add quite some bulk to your iPhone.


3 thoughts on “iPhone accessories: SuperShell case from M-Edge”

  1. Apple company recently announced that the iPhone 4 is its hottest iPhone to date, selling faster than any other iteration of the phone. However, one AT&T customer recently discovered just how hot the phone really is when he burnt his hand on the bezel. 

  2. MeatPi says:

    I had one of those pretty little candy shell type cases. First drop did a little bit of damage, second took the screen out (it fell about a foot, landing on its back on concrete). Not a mark on the case, but my iPhone was screwed. As soon as I replaced it, I bought one of these.

    It’s not as comfortable as a slim case, docking on my iCube won’t be possible without removing it, and the size can impede typing or dealing with the touch screen edges (though that may be something you’d get used to), but I would much rather have the security of this case than the candy shell.

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