Nexus Jelly Bean Tablet unveiling during Google I/O 2012

As you probably know, Google I/O 2012 in San Francisco begins as of the 27th of June, and word is during the Google guys event the first Nexus tablet is to be unveiled, an Android slate that is said to be manufactured by Asus, and apparently sports a 7-inch touch screen.

According to the guys over at Technobuffalo, a ‘trusted source’ of the unnamed variety of course, has confirmed that Google will unveil the Asus constructed Google Nexus tablet during Google I/O 2012, and apparently attending developers will each be given one of the tablets.

Although apparently the Technobuffalo guys are hearing conflicting reports that the developer slate may or may not come with Android Jelly Bean pre-installed; however do say that is also a sign that Google is preparing to deploy the Android 5.0 OS in June.

The guys are also suggesting that the Google Nexus Tablet could possibly surface with a 200-buck price tag, as NVIDIA has mentioned that their project kai tablet strategy includes developing a tablet that goes for under $200, and as such the guys say that the unnamed source has also confirmed the Google Nexus slate will sport an NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad core chip, and thus lends some weight to previous speculation that the Nexus tablet would carry that 200-buck price tag.

Of course one does have to realise that as that ‘trusted source’ is unnamed, one can’t verify the information, and as such all this should for now anyway, be taken with the usual grain of salt, and treated as rumour. No word on what other stuff Google I/O 2012 has in store yet either, but as soon as we hear we will pass it along.

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