Vodafone customer services 2015 super mobile strategy

On Tuesday during Vodafone’s annual results, Vittorio Colao, Vodafone’s chief exec outlined Vodafone’s plans covering the three-year period up to 2015, and this plan was dubbed the Vodafone 2015 Super Mobile Strategy, with which apparently Vodafone wants to take a leaf out of Amazon’s book.

According to an article over on the Wall Street Journal, Colao said to reporters that Vodafone wants to be the Amazon of telecoms, but not in relation to selling devices, but rather delivering top class customer service.

Apparently Vodafone has plans to refit some 75 percent of their 2200 shops across the globe by the year 2015 so they have an ‘experience led store design,’ and rather than simply being a room with handsets on the walls, Colao wants them to be more like service centres that offers a ‘fantastic service’ to customers.

Colao also wants customers to be able to purchase their devices online and then be able to collect them from in store, and as such Colao wishes Vodafone stores to provide its customers with ‘a consistent and flawless experience.’

Furthermore apparently the carrier wants to improve on their network to deliver ‘healthy data pricing models,’ so that Vodafone stands out from the crowd, and furthermore has plans to raise loyalty and continue average revenue per user, whilst improving average margin per user.

So there you have it, look for Vodafone stores to be changing over the course of the next three years and to receiving better customer service.

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