Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Motorola demo videos

The updating of a variety of handsets on the Android platform has been a long drawn out process with some disappointment along the way for owners of some handsets, but finally owners of some Motorola devices should soon be getting the new software. Today we have some Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Motorola demo videos for you.

Motorola must be getting closer to releasing the software to some of its handsets as they have released some videos that are demonstrating the operating system on the company’s hardware, and according to SlashGear the upgrade will make your old software look like a child in comparison. Previously the company announced that if the software didn’t improve the handset it would not be updated, which led to some anger from owners of the Droid 3 and X2.

We have already told you that both the Motorola Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX should be updated by the end of June according to a spokesman from the company. Meanwhile the videos that can be seen below show the company’s own version of the software complete with its own icons and screen transitions, along with some custom applications.

The software in the videos will be the basic Motorola build for the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system for handsets that are deemed compatible with the upgrade, and one of these is the interface walk through. Another video shows the camera application as well as a video that demos the brand new lock screen, which looks to be one of the most interesting lock screens seen so far for the Android ICS 4.0 operating system.

It is anyone’s guess why it is taking so long for manufacturers to push out the latest Android upgrade to hardware, especially considering that Google were looking to improve Android fragmentation with its latest release. We could now be only a few months away for the next version to be unveiled that is rumoured to bring a number of new Nexus devices to help celebrate the platforms fifth birthday.

Do you own a Motorola device waiting for Android ICS?

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