HTC One X possible recall by Carphone Warehouse

It appears that over here in the United Kingdom there might be some problem with the HTC One X smartphone, apparently there might be some issue with the software, which has causes some customers to complain and return their HTC One X smartphone.

According to the guys over at GSM Arena, they have been tipped off that Carphone Warehouse in the UK has issued a recall of the HTC One X, although there is no confirmation as to whether Carphone Warehouse has actually issued a recall of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich handset, so this should be treated as rumour for now.

The guys say that the exact nature of the HTC One X problem isn’t too clear at the moment, however apparently the smartphone will be flashed with a software update to fix said problem once the device is returned to Carphone Warehouse stores.

If you are experiencing issues with the HTC One X, you should make sure that you have received the update that HTC pushed out over the air at the beginning of May, as the update addresses such things as faster alerts for incoming calls, camera improvements, and power management improvements, and although not in the official changelog, fixes a reported screen flicker problem.

However, if you are in the United Kingdom, and having issues with the HTC One X that you purchased via Carphone Warehouse, feel free to let us know, and if you have received notification of a recall by dropping us a line to our comments area below.


14 thoughts on “HTC One X possible recall by Carphone Warehouse”

  1. Kwes says:

    They need to, got mine on 3 in the UK and I can literally watch my battery drain.It been nothing but trouble. Its a great phone – good functions  I mean – but there are lots of flaws, sometimes my network just goes of, calls just drop!. I cant believe I got myself into this mess. Looking at ways of getting rid of this phone, sometimes think I should have just stayed with the iphone

    1. 7sji says:

      Welcome to Android :) 

      I’ve been through 3 Androids since November, 2 Samsungs and a Motorola and they all have problems. I heard the One X even has problems with Wifi. The AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II now can’t connect to WiFi as Samsung in their infinite wisdom decided to install an update to fix another issue but it broke something else instead. Genius I tell you

    2. Eric says:

      I know the feeling, got mine from Three too and I am having the same issue. I am fairly certain it is a Branding issue and the software Three have installed, not Android, I have used the Android operating system for years now and my experience has been excellent.

      However having a phone that, for reasons beyond my comprehension, drops its signal, at a moments notice, has made me cancel my contract and move elsewhere and I was thinking of going to CW, but having read this I am not sure?!

      Is it better now they have identified an issue?! How do they get the equipment so cheap?

    3. JankyFosci says:

      Although I’m an Android user I sometimes think of switching to the iPhone. My Samsung is just way too buggy as well. Screenshots for no reason, camera app crashes, apps force lose,bluetooth disconnects, etc

  2. Mr-roley-mole says:

    Got mine from carphone warehouse on orange had problems to start with but the updates solved them all I must be lucky 🙂

  3. Moleyoley says:

    Unfortunately i am one of those who bought it from them. Ibought it sim free and love the phone, however since the last software update my battery has significantly dropped, it takes only 2 hours to get to 60% and thats with having the screen on in total for less than half an hour, made some short ccalls and sent texts and had all emails/ messages etc come through all the time.
    I am going to go back to them and ask for a replacement handset as this is ridculous, never seen the battery on this phone so bad!! from this article it suggests that this is true but they haven’t made it official as they would see a huge flood of ppl returning handsets. I have a feeling that they’ll be trying to cover this up hence why its still a rumor at the moment. I would advise you to be careful when buying.

  4. Jay says:

    I am on Orange pay monthly, have been for over six year and  I will tell you what the problem is, is.

    I have had to return three HTC one X handsets, the first one had dust contamination on the surface, then there were scuff marks on the rear facing, I rejected it instantly.

    My second unit had the same issues of dust, no cosmetic damage, used it for a few hours until I noticed the screen had not been attached properly, the particular area was the left hand side of the phone, the gorilla glass was not fully flush to the body of the phone. There was movement of  about 1mm when pressed, I rejected this and sent the phone back for a replacement. Got my replacement on the 28th July 2012 and had the same problems with the screen but this time had the blue ripple on the left hand side, with having to put too much pressure on the phone.

    I think orange are sending me customer returns, even though they say to the contrary, considering an SG III, but I dislike the screen on.

  5. hi I got the HTC ONE X via 3G UK and have a number of problems with the phone: the battery doesn’t last any amount of time. From time to time when I switch the phone off it just does not switch back on again. I took it into the 3G store nearby and they told me that the warranty is only 1 month???? How is that possible?

  6. Mia says:

    I got this phone on release day from Carphone Warehouse and within 2 days it was broke, for the next two months it was trip after trip after trip to the store to send off for repair. The touch screen was breaking, it constantly froze, the signal never worked – my complaints were endless. In the end they palmed me off saying even though I’ve been back to the SAME store time and time again they cannot say that the phone has a problem, just seems that every replacement I got broke. They actually said I was the only person who had complained about these problems. I was angry and I was going to get Trading Standards involved but I just sold the phone on as broken, got a bit of money for it.

    I just rang Carphone Warehouse asking if they recalled them because the way their staff spoke to me when I had problems was attrocious, so if they’d finally admitted there was a problem then I’d want an apology!

  7. Mia says:

    Also when I returned my phone for repair the third time they called my home phone to let me know the phone was back in for me to collect. I collected the phone only to find it wasn’t even a HTC One X. I gave them it back and told them to let me know when MY phone was in.

  8. Matt says:

    My ONE X was awful at getting and retaining signal whereas my friend (who has the same handset on the same network) had no problems.

    I recently smashed the screen on the phone and Carphone Warehouse couldn’t fix it due to not having the parts. I was offered a choice of replacement phones including Nokia Lumia 920 and Galaxy S3 but no ONE X. Leading me to believe that the HTC one x is no longer available at Carphone Warehouse.

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