Apple Store down but Nest Thermostat available: Update

Well now. It appears that Apple is now selling the Nest Learning Thermostat via the Apple Store; however if you hit up the Apple Store you will notice that it is currently down, so it would appear you can’t actually purchase the Nest Learning Thermostat just yet.

The guys over at The Verge say that Apple is offering the Nest Learning Thermostat at a price of $249.99, and is the 2nd largest retail expansion of Nest in the past 24-hours, after the firm announcing the availability of the next generation thermostat in Canada yesterday.

Although Apple is offering the nest learning Thermostat at $249.99, over on the device costs $249, and installation is available via trained professionals, but dispute the announcement that the Nest Learning Thermostat has launched in Canada, currently Apple is not stocking the Nest on its Canadian online store.

For those that might not be aware, the Nest Learning Thermostat is the only thermostat that improves with time, it programs itself within a week and turns itself down when you are away, and helps you understand how your home uses energy so you can make savings.

Of course part of the functionality of the Nest Learning Thermostat is that you will require the iPhone or iPad app that is available to download for free from iTunes.

As mentioned above, currently the Apple Store is down, so please do come back, as we will have more info on the Nest Learning Thermostat soon.

UPDATE: The Apple Store is now back online, and offering the Nest Learning Thermostat, and that $249.95 price tag also includes free shipping, so if you want the Nest Learning Thermostat you can now hit up the Apple Store and grab it.

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