True facts about iPhone 5 engine and glass in US

The are so many people out there that believe the iPhone 5 will be made in China at the Foxconn plant, but then after watching the video that we have added below for your viewing pleasure states by the Apple CEO himself “Tim Cook” that the iPhone Engine is made in Austin and the glass is made in Kentucky US.

Product Reviews and iPhone Rumors prompted us to report the latest iPhone 5 news to you, and here is what we have learned, these sources say that some iPhone 5 parts come via US, but Tim Cook did not actually name the iPhone 5, we thought we would point this out, anyway here is the latest. Tim Cook was in an interview recently at All Things D10 Conference, and he talked about a number of factors and manufacturing the next generation iPhone aka iPhone 5 in the US will be more dominant in the future. OK, he did not mention the iPhone 5 in this interview but we can now guess a lot of things on the new Apple smartphone will be manufactured in the States. Tim Cook said “not well known” to most tech enthusiasts, the “engines for the iPhone and the iPad are built in the U.S“. They are in fact built in Austin, Texas and the glass is made in Kentucky”.

Cook said that Apple are going to double down on secrecy and then said that they will also be transparent, well we all know that they are super secret when it comes to the iPhone 5, if in fact it is called the iPhone 5. WWDC 2012 kicks off on June 11th and hopefully all will be revealed, but then there is the possibility that this smartphone will not even get a mention concentrating on other things such as iOS 6, whatever happens we will be covering all and hopefully we will be writing about the new upcoming smartphone by Apple on June 11.

To manufacture iPhones in China is so much cheaper we believe than in the U.S, but some Apple fans may be very happy to hear that some parts mentioned above are made in the United States. Do you really care where the iPhone 5 is manufactured?

What we know about the iPhone 5 so far based on rumours and source: We have reported a number of things about this smartphone and we will share a few of them with you today, today we mentioned about the iPhone 5 schematic sheet showing a few features etc, you can also read about this handset featuring LTPS technology & panels, another revelation is that Facebook may develop the Facebook smartphone, which could possible rival the iPhone 5. We have also rendered thoughts on Thunderbolt and price tags, as well as concept ideas and so much more, read all you need to know about iPhone 5 here


4 thoughts on “True facts about iPhone 5 engine and glass in US”

  1. Jsherm119 says:

    Hate to say, but just because the WWDC is happening in June does not mean they’ll for sure be releasing any information about the newest generation iPhone. Nobody knows anything. We (the public) won’t know anything until the product announcement conference a week before the release of the newest gen. This article is somewhat misled. Congratulations for getting an interview with Mr. Cook. It’s still hard to comprehend most of this though.

  2. Hopefully they do announce it at WWDC. I’ve had this 3GS since Feb. 2010. It barely works now. I refuse to buy a 4S now and then the iPhone 5 is revealed. I’d be mad as hell.

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