Vodafone UK hand scan tech for charging phones

I’m sure most festival goers here in the United Kingdom have heard all about Vodafone’s VIP Recharge Truck that hits festivals year after year giving festival goers the opportunity to charge up their smartphone, and just like previous years, Vodafone is set to take to the road with the Vodafone VIP Recharge Truck again, and we have a quick time-lapse video of Vodafone preparing the VIP Recharge Truck 2012 for your viewing pleasure below.

In previous years the Vodafone VIP Recharge Truck uses photos of smartphone owners along with barcode wristbands , but according to the guys over at Slash Gear, by way of the Vodafone Blog, in 2012 the Vodafone VIP Recharge Truck is being outfitted with hand scan tech in the form of infrared palm vein scanners.

So Vodafone is ditching those barcode wristbands as they can get lost, and dumping using photos of a smartphone owner as the company says “faces need a human to make a judgement call on identity and we think we can do things better with the help of some cutting-edge technology.”

Apparently these infrared palm vein scanners are designed to construct a map of the blood vessels in a customers hand as this is unique to each person, and offers great security as the tech is impossible to fool, and the technology is already used in several banks in Japan.

The Vodafone VIP Recharging Truck can accommodate up to 2000 handsets and has chargers for all kinds of phones and the new system is much faster, and can even read hands that are dirty.

So there you have it, if you happen to attend a festival this summer and opt to use the Vodafone VIP recharging Truck to charge up your device, you simply have to slap you hand on the scanner and the truck identifies you as the owner of the device.


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