WWDC 2012 first banners before apple announcement

There’s plenty of excitement building up with Apple’s WWDC 2012 now only days away. An iPhone 5 announcement looks unlikely at this point but we are expecting news on iOS 6, Mac OS X and possibly some hardware such as the new MacBook Pro. News today is that the first WWDC 2012 banners have now gone up, building yet more anticipation before the Apple announcements.

Apple will be kicking off WWDC 2012 from June 11 right through to June 15, and banners have been spotted at the Moscone Center in San Francisco with the saying, “Where great ideas go on to do great things.” Other banners spotted include some featuring app icons and the brightly colored squares that appear on the WWDC invitations, constructing the Apple logo.

News of the banners going up came to us from Apple Insider, sourced from Mac Rumors, who also note that more of the official schedule slots this year for WWDC remain ‘to be announced,’ leading plenty to hope that there might be unexpected product announcements such as the iPhone 5. However, the official Apple WWDC 2012 pages currently touts the schedule as including “The latest technologies in iOS and Mac OS X” but no mention of hardware.

As we said earlier though, we would not be at all surprised to find the new MacBook Pros for 2012 make an appearance (especially as news is filtering through about in-store pickup inventory becoming thinner on the ground) and possibly the updated MacBook Air or new iMacs. The focus of the event clearly seems to be about iOS 6 though and also the upcoming Mac OS X Mountain Lion and we’ll be following all the developments and bringing you the news as we hear it.

In case you hadn’t already heard, the big keynote speech when we should hear all the most exciting announcements is set to take place on Monday June 11 at 10am Pacific Time. We’d like to hear your thoughts and comments on Apple’s WWDC 2012. Are you still holding out for news on the iPhone 5? What are you most hoping to hear about from the big event?


3 thoughts on “WWDC 2012 first banners before apple announcement”

  1. Ukflyer says:

    Definitely hoping for an iPhone5 announcement for a June/July release. Have had my 4 for two years and overdue for a new phone. If I am going to have to wait until October, then I am going to go for a Galaxy s3, instead. Sorry Apple, but October is just too far away.

    1. UKFLYER  i feel the same way i had my iphone4 since the first day it came out so if theres no news on the iphone5 today ime gona go for the Galaxy s3 ive been waiting to long for a new fone and ime long over due for an up grade.

  2. I know better than to say “Apple will never…” but I don’t think it’s very likely that there’s going to be an “across the board” refresh. MAYBE one product, OR, more likely an announcement of an upcoming product refresh, but I’m not counting on it. This will be mostly a software show (only hinting a new hardware).