Smartphone wireless charging next to a laptop demo video

There have been numerous ways of wirelessly charging a smartphone in the past, and during Computex 2012 in Taipei it appears that Intel has come up with another way to wirelessly charge a smartphone, apparently by placing it next to a laptop with Intel’s built in wireless charging standard, and this tech was demonstrated at the Computex event and recorded on video.

Of course we have that Intel’s wireless smartphone charging untrabook prototype video demo for your viewing consideration below courtesy of the guys over at Phone Arena and by way of Intomobile, whereby a Samsung smartphone is simply placed next to the laptop to begin wirelessly charging.

The laptop in the video footage is an Acer Aspire ultrabook, whilst the smartphone is made by Samsung, but one can presume any make of smartphone would be able to take advantage of this Intel wireless charging feature, and obviously if you carry around your laptop and smartphone using the tech would mean you wouldn’t need to carry around a USB cable with you as well.

As for just when Intel might make this wireless charging technology available, well there’s not word on when that might happen. So all you can do for now is head on down and hit that play button to check out the wireless charging tech in action…enjoy.

Would you love this wireless charging tech from Intel to become available in the not too distant future, or are you not really bothered about wireless charging?


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