Caracal Diagnosis the medical search engine app

While there are a huge number of applications available for both the Android and iOS platforms that provide users with some much needed fun, there are others that serve a more useful purpose by helping professionals find information quickly and easily, and today we have news of the Caracal Diagnosis application for both Android and iOS users that acts as a medical search engine.

This recently released application promises to be a quick and easy tool that is ideal for any medical practitioner, and the application allows the simple input of medical words such as lab results, symptoms, and signs to provide a list of possible diseases (differential diagnosis), which affect the patient.

Caracal Diagnosis features a unique searching algorithm that is based on mathematical results that feature the most likely diseases, which will be displayed up near the top of the search. The developers have designed the application especially for healthcare professionals that are mainly in internal medicine, surgery, nursing, paediatrics, and family medicine.

The application is also ideal for medical students as it will help them save practice time and money, and will also reduce medical malpractice. Some of the features of the application includes a user friendly interface, database of 1600 diseases with more to be added in the future, clinical decision support system, search inputs from a database of 2,200 signs, symptoms, and lab findings, symptoms listed in alphabetical order, and much more.

The application is stored locally to your mobile device so no Internet connection is needed to use the app. Despite only being available a few days users that have already the application have given it favourable reviews on both platforms.

Caracal Diagnosis 1.0 is available worldwide on the App Store for only £3.99/$5.99, and requires iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch running iOS 4.0 or later. Android users can find out more via Google Play.