Dark Knight Rises for Android and iOS coming in summer

Obviously the next big thing with Batman is the latest movie The Dark Knight Rises, and most will realise that when a blockbuster movie is in the pipeline, more often than not so is a mobile app of the movie, and this is the same with The Dark Knight Rises as a mobile game of the film will be hitting both Android and iOS later in the summer.

According to the guys over at Android Central by way of Droid Gamers, Gameloft has teamed with DC Comics and Warner Brothers Games to deliver an official game of The Dark Knight Rises to Android and iOS devices this summer.

Obviously details on the new game are somewhat scarce at the moment, but the guys over at IGN have managed to score the official iPhone trailer for The Dark Knight Raises game, which of course we have for our readers viewing pleasure below.

A full 3D action game, it looks to be quite nice visually, and is appears Gameloft has stepped up their game when it comes to being visually great such as with recent titles like the recently release Men in Black 3.

Obviously there’s no word on a concrete release date for The Dark Knight Rises mobile game, but one could say it would be a safe bet to say the game should surface around the same time as The Dark Knight Rises movie hits the streets, so until then you can head on down and mash that play button to check out the iPhone teaser trailer for yourself…enjoy.

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