My Xbox Live for Android finally released & tested

As always it seems that users of the Android platform have to wait longer to get access too much wanted applications when compared to iOS users, but today we have news of the My Xbox Live for Android that is finally released and tested.

Microsoft has finally got around to releasing the application on the Android platform, and according to the Android Community it is a fully featured app that Android users have been waiting for since January. The application comes complete with game trailers, achievement tracking, videos, games played list, and much more. Users can even message their Xbox Live friends from within the app and below you can see a quick hands on video of the app courtesy of the Android Community.

It was found that the new application had a high level of quality and polish that has been achieved by Microsoft, with it running very smooth and fluid. The animations of the Xbox Live avatar runs just as it would on the Xbox 360, and users can change their avatar or edit their gamer profile all within the application.

Once a user signs into the app they are met with the Spotlight page that is similar to the Windows Phone 7 user interface, with its large tiles and small dots for navigation. Users also have access to game preview videos, and all the latest Microsoft and Xbox breaking news is provided.

From this page a quick swipe takes you to the avatar and main page, which is where you can look up friends, change and edit your profile along with everything else. There is the message icon situated on the top right for chatting and reading messages with your Xbox Live friends. My Xbox Live is an application that is simple to use and basic, but achieves everything that it needs to do.

Users can easily keep track of the games that were recently played and see their achievements, and it is thought that Microsoft will add more features in the future with possibly in-app game purchases. To download the free app hit Google Play.

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