Smartphones can withdraw cash at UK ATMs

If you are over here in the United Kingdom and a customer of NatWest or the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), and own a smartphone, it appears you are now able to move forward in the digital wallet game as long as you have their mobile banking app, which now allows users to withdraw cash from ATMs.

According to the guys over at Ubergizmo by way of the BBC, RBS and NatWest customers that use their mobile banking application can request up to 100 quid via their smartphone, and are sent a 6-digit code to enter into the ATM to get the money.

This isn’t a new concept though, as a similar system has been developed by NCR, a cash machine operator, using barcode scanning to obtain cash.

The hidden code is sent to the smartphone which you have to tap to reveal the code, key in said code into the ATM and the money is dispensed…simple. RBS says the system will help those that might have forgotten their bank cards, or wish to send money to family members.

The head of mobile at NatWest and RBS, Ben Green says it’s a secure and simply way for users to get their money whenever and wherever they need it.

The bank has said 2.6 million customers have already downloaded the free application to their smartphone, and can use the 8000 NatWest, RBS, and Tesco ATMs across the UK, but initially the limit for cash withdrawals via your smartphone is set at £100 whilst using a bank card customers can draw out £300.

Would any of our UK readers consider using their smartphone to draw out cash from an ATM, or do you prefer the old tried and trusted bank card way?

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