HTC Rezound price drop Droid Incredible 4G LTE release MIA

With the amount of new smartphones being constantly released it’s no wonder a few months after a device becomes available we see the price of it come down, and today we have news of a HTC Rezound price drop but the Droid Incredible release date is MIA.

The handset that the Droid Incredible should be replacing, the HTC Rezound, has just seen another price drop from Verizon and as GottaBe Mobile is reporting the device is now on offer for only $80 when purchased with a new contract via the carrier’s online store. The deal is part of Verizon’s summer sale, which also saw a price drop for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Normally the price of the HTC Rezound from Verizon is $199.99 which means the carrier is offering the handset with a nice big $120 discount, and this comes at a pretty unusual time, as the carrier announced the Droid Incredible 4G LTE only last month, which is also made by HTC. This was expected to be replacing the HTC Rezound in the Verizon range of Android handsets, but so far the carrier hasn’t said anymore about the handset since it was first announced.

It is still unclear if Verizon will ever get around to releasing the third smartphone in the Droid Incredible range considering the latest Samsung Galaxy handset is about to be released in the next few weeks. So there is a chance that the carrier will peg the HTC Rezound’s price for longer than just the summer sale, and maybe right up until it is discontinued later this year.

The HTC Rezound at this price level is a deal not to be sniffed at with its powerful processor and high definition display. Will you be considering the HTC Rezound at this price? You can also visit this Verizon HTC Phone page


15 thoughts on “HTC Rezound price drop Droid Incredible 4G LTE release MIA”

  1. Angry says:

    Anyone know why it’s such a secrete regarding when VZW will start offering the Droid Incredible 4G?  At first I thought they were going to wait until their shared plan comes out but they already allowed the pre orders for the Galaxy S3.  What gives?  I wish I could cancel my contract and go get the HTC One S because of the camera.

    1. meisstupid says:

      my guess is it has to do with HTC’s trouble with importing their phones to US due to Apple’s lawsuits. Droid Incredible LTE was also set for a slightly later release date probably because of the whole “Droid” campaign thing, making the phone “unique” to the One X/One S on other carriers. Later release + road blocks = unsure of release date

  2. x-verizon customer says:

    It just shows you how Verizon cares so little for their customers.  They raise rates and don’t communicate.  Hey!  That’s their new slogan…Verizon..we raise rates and don’t communicate.

  3. Mikel says:

    Nope.  Still waiting for the Incredible 4G.  S4 processor should mean the battery life is better.

  4. Rmblack1 says:

    The Rezound has a faster chip and a better display.  Even though the glass is slightly bigger, I think the Rezound will still be the better phone once ICS is out for the Rezound.  This is supposed to happen within the ‘next few weeks’.  Yes, the battery life should be better on the Incredible 4G, but usually we’re within reach of a charger, so I’m not sure that is much of a selling point.

    1. mmango says:

      Spec wise, the Incredible 4g is better in every aspect except screen res. Just because the Rezound’s cpu is clocked at 1.5Ghz does not make it better. It is an older tech and does less per clock cycle. The 1.2 in the Inc 4g is the brand new snapdragon S4 and will blow the 1.5 away.

  5. Valerie says:

    I have original Incredible and LOVE it.  Been waiting for Incredible 4G but tired or waiting.  And, “Big Red” new pricing (June 28) makes the decision even more messy.  So, I am getting the Rezound now.  The Incredible 4G is MIA.  I don’t expect the Rezound battery to be any less powerful than what I have out to my original Incredible.  For $80 can’t beat it. 

  6. Tom says:

    I am going to wait until the 27th, the day before Verizon goes live with their shared plan.  If the Droid Incredible 4G does not come out before then, I’ll get the Rezound.  If by chance the Droid Incredible 4G comes out before the 14 day return policy is up, I will trade the Rezound in for the Droid Incredible 4G.  Hopefully this way I get to keep my unlimited data plan and also get the Droid Incredible 4G….maybe….if not then I am stuck with the Rezound but at least I’ll have 4G service but stuck waiting for ICS update……

    1. Ncleslie1214 says:

      watch out they have a $35.00 restocking fee for returning your phone in the worry free gurentee period of 14 days.

  7. RB says:

    I’m still waiting for the Droid Incredible 4g.  I have the original Incredible phone and love it.  I was concerned when I found out they were doing away with their unlimited plans but after speaking to a Verizon emplyee, at one of their locations, I found out that I’ve never used more than 800 mb’s of data in one month.  I usually don’t go much over 500 mb’s.  Even if you go over your allotted 1 GB of data, Verizon only charges $15 for the next GB of data.  My plan should drop about $15 per month on their new platform.

    I just wish they would get the new Incredible 4g’s in stock so I can get one!

    1. Rudi Xeno says:

      If you have decent 4G coverage in your area your data will skyrocket.  I had the original Incredible as well.  With the HTC Rezound and my unlimited data plan, I couldn’t tell you how to turn wi-fi on.  Here in S. florida I’m seeing 4G speeds of 12 – 25Gbps.  My ISP (Comcast) and home network isn’t reliably that fast.

    2. Rudi Xeno says:

      I think once you experience 4G your 800MB experience will be a distant memory.  Verizon is predicting a 4G data explosion and is just putting the pricing in place to take advantage of the forecasted growth.

  8. Chris says:

    I also talked to a verizon rep and the new shared data plan is not as bad as you think.  I currently pay about 70.00 for unlimited voice, 30.00 for unlimited data and 5.00 for 250 text messages a month = 105.00.  With the new new shared plan I’ll probably start with the 70.00 plan and it includes unlimited voice and texts with 6 GB of data and if I seem to use more I’ll just upgrade to the largest plan which is 100.00 for unlimited voice and texts with 10GB of data.  If I use more than 10GB of data a month then I might need a hobby.  Plus I work from home so I am always using wifi anyways…I might even try the lower data plans at first and just watch my usage.


  9. RudiXeno says:

    I was just about to pre-order the SIII when I saw this price cut.  After giving it a morning of thought I just couldn’t pass it up.  I love the build of HTC phones.  My Incredible is still in pristine condition after two years in my pocket without a case or screen protector while toting a 3500mAh Seidio battery that keeps it going for 2 -3 days.  An OEM HTC extended battery is less than $30.  I think I’m gonna love this phone.