Windows Phone update hitting Nokia Lumia 710 & 800 next week

Nokia is pinning its hopes on Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform to turn around its ailing fortunes in the smartphone market, which it hopes will allow the company to gain some ground on Android and the Apple iPhone. The company has been busy recently pushing its Lumia range of handsets and today we can tell you that a Windows Phone update will be hitting the Nokia Lumia 710 and 800 next week.

When Microsoft announced its upcoming Windows Apollo operating system yesterday it was confirmed that no current Windows Phone 7 devices will be getting the new software when it is eventually released, but as GSM Arena are reporting in an article Microsoft has promised to offer continued support for these handsets.

Owners of current Windows Phone smartphones will instead be offered a slimmed down version of Apollo in the form of Windows Phone 7.8, which will still bring the new homescreen from Windows 8 along with some other new minor features. Nokia has promised it will also continue to support its Lumia range by providing regular updates along with some unique features to the Lumia series.

The company has now announced that both the Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 will be receiving another software update next week on June 27th, and will bring with it features such as media streaming, flip to silence, and Internet sharing.

This comes alongside some other new features that Nokia has revealed for the Lumia series such as data counter, DLNA connectivity, camera improvements, contact sharing, and some exclusive Zynga game titles such as Draw Something and Words With Friends. It remains to be seen if these updates will make up for users that have only just purchased some of the Lumia range, only to see it miss out on the next version of the operating system. Update: The Tango update is now started rolling out to the Lumia 710 and 800.

Do you own a Lumia handset and feel let down by the lack of Windows Phone 8?


28 thoughts on “Windows Phone update hitting Nokia Lumia 710 & 800 next week”

  1. Adam Phantom says:

    i love my lumia but it is such a bummer, having purchased this phone and WINDOWS 8 COMES OUT!! mY HEART HURTS and as much as they promise a few updates its similar to just buying a playstation three and the new one comes out after and whislt they promise updates for the 3 it will never match the 4 

  2. Michael says:

    Yes, completly. I have a Lumia 900 which is supopsed to be the flagship product. Now a month old it’s already behind. More like their Lagship product!

  3. TJMHAWK says:

    If Nokia and Microsoft really want to make it up to current Lumia owners… ADD WI-FI CALLING TO YOUR UPDATES!  Please!

  4. Carlos Gabriel Sarmiento Losad says:

    This is disappointing from Microsoft ! They knew this move a long time ago even though they promoted new devices and Mango 7.5. Luckily Nokia still believe in customer service and don’t let their customers doing offering updates and support.

  5. Jpayter says:

     Typical from Microsoft… Fully aware that many people will be left out in the cold with this and forcing them to upgrade. It’s like Vista; to me it just felt like a poorly optimised Windows 7 Beta – which it pretty much turned out to be. The fact that Nokia has ‘said’ they will keep updating the Lumia series doesn’t mean diddly-squat. The apps for it are few and far between, and although it is a ‘Windows’ phone, it offers less integration/mass storage than offerings from other OS providers. People don’t want to develop for Microsoft on the WP platform, because Microsoft are so restrictive. They had such a great opportunity with WP 7.5 – it showed so much potential – but yet again Microsoft will f*%k it all up by stamping on the little people. I actually use a Lumia 800, and although I did like it at first, I’m growing tired of its restrictive features and blatant lack of third party support. I’ll be leaving WP for Android shortly, as I like to be able to install what I want on my phone, and have options to customise and make it how I want….

    1. Liam Cooke says:

      Hold on to your lumia. There is a port being released and its like VMware (You need a rooted lumia) And you install the app and you can port android apps across to wp7 (Abit like android and QNX with blackberry playbook.)

    2. davedsone says:

      Actually, NOT typical from Microsoft, which has a history of dragging legacy users along. And legacy hardware.

  6. Pataki314 says:

    Well, I think Microsoft dumped Nokia down the drain with this step. I’m pretty curious how their shares will fall next week. (Just look at their stock history of the next 6 months.) Not really polite step towards the only failtful and respectable manufacturer which produced the only really cool WP phone. Lumia series made WP OS popular (and really known at all) as much as it was possible with a “semi-beta” platform.
    If Nokia wants to survive then they should release the existing Lumia series with Android ASAP and offer OS change/upgrade option for existing Lumia800/900 customers. Then they _may_ survive. But not for sure at all.
    I think Nokia will regret soon that they abandoned the Meego project and/or not started releasing Android phones.

    1. Liam Cooke says:

      I share your views, but they should offer a OS change for ALL lumia devices. Also they  could actually nag microsoft into giving them something from the partnership like a windows phone 8 lumia edition which runs a watered down windows 8 with all features that are supported by the hardware….
      7.8 is like a half arsed attempt at what should be done, microsoft need to get there act together, nokia have poured millions into design and creating the lumia range, and they are being dumped asif they were only there advertise for microsoft.

  7. About69ninjas says:

    My lumia 800 was a nice phone when I first got it but I slowly started noticing how restrictive it is and now it’s just a nuisance… Little things even, have no transit directions for my city and didn’t allow me to use google maps.. Kinda ridiculous, wishing I had gotten an android.

  8. Feleon Goh says:

    Well, actually i own a Nokia Lumia 900, frankly speaking, yes it hurts me when i bought this baby for not even more than a month, and Microsoft decided to release Windows Phone 8. But i wanted to say that i am a proud owner of Lumia 900. Everyday i wake up and i hold the phone in my hand as i walk through my daily life, it gives me the feeling that it’s a very loyal phone. Although it does have it’s own nuisance, but i can’t help to love this phone so much. Besides that, compared to other platform-phone-owners other than Apples (Because they have a really large application marketplace), i get more attention than those, let’s say Android devices because everyone knows how it looked like. My phone stands out from the crowd, although it does not pack much of a punch technically speaking, but when every friend of mine place their phone on a table and starts talking, i’m really glad that i bought Lumia 900.

    Other than that, Nokia has also promised its support for its Lumia phones although its not much of a compensation for its customers, but i deeply believe that everyone who owns a Lumia phone especially those who have a L900 with you right now, take the phone out of the rubber, leather or silicone casing and give it a rubbing with a cloth, make it glossy and clean. Feel proud of what you’ve decided to buy. You bought Lumia 900 because it’s gorgeous and it caught your attention out of so many phones at that moment. If you wanted to mention that there will be better phones in the future, well, the truth is there will be even more better ones in the future. Appreciate and be proud of your own choice ! Sorry for my long speech. But that’s how i felt at this moment. I’m not from Nokia / Microsoft, nor i am being a hater. Just my point of view.

  9. Liam Cooke says:

    I have purchased the lumia 710, and was going to upgrade to the 800. Im glad it didn’t. I will wait to see what the wp8 devices have to offer first.
    I am disapointed with the lack of trust with the 2 companies though. They were both doing promo’s because they knew they were going to be killed off.
    I think that nokia should either leave microsoft because they aren’t letting them release a lumia version of wp8 or they should be able to release a version of windows phone 8 that has everything the handsets are capable of running. 
    Nokia need to launch up meego again because microsoft are screwing them over, nokia are getting nothing out of the partnership at all.

  10. Numinor76 says:

    I bought a Lumia 800 about 3 weeks ago on a 2 year contract so am slightly concerned and I do feel a bit cheated as Nokia must have known about the upcoming issue. The thing I am most worried about isn’t the lack of WP8 on my phone but the probable lack of developer support and new apps for WP7.8.

  11. Crash_ndie says:

    i just got a 710 love the phone hate the lack of being able to personalize sms and themes and setting a ring tone is just to much like hard work ! you sync your phone and all your phone contacts are in your email can you opt out of it erm no. to much microsoft not enuff good old nokia know how ! bring back pc suite !

    1. Pavan Kumar Reddy Narravula says:

      Dude you can add ringtones, but you have to have a file of 30-40 sec audio clip, then change the Genre to Ringtone(goto Properties of the song then Genral tab )  and then sync to ur mobile u will the ringtone and u can set

  12. Guest says:

    I feel cheated as Nokia must have known about the upcoming i will never get a windows phone again

  13. Rkibbler8 says:

    I got the lumia 710 and do feel very cheated as i knew WP8 was being released but assumed that both the 710 and 800 would get the update but i wont deny i do love this phone and when the 7.8 update comes along ill be a little happier

  14. Lumia710 User says:

    Hello, i own a lumia 710.
    I got received the notification about the update few weeks back but as i  was really occupied that time I couldn’t update my phone.

    Now that i’am trying to update my phone it says ‘no new updates’.

    Can anyone help me out here, please?

    1. Jpayter says:

       After reading all the comments on here, are you still considering getting a 710!?

  15. Naut says:

    I like Windows Phone 8, too bad it can’t run on my Lumia 710 🙁 it’s a bit of a let down for me ;(

  16. djad says:

    new releases every 6 months, and microsoft is a bad company, i have the l800, they announced that win8 isnt coming for 800. Now im not buying those win8 phones just for those features, i switched to apple iphone 5. Apple loves their customers so ill go for it. Microsoft… Thats y u are lagging behind