Bill Angel app for iOS and Android arriving tomorrow

For those that own an iPhone or Android smartphone there will be a new mobile application becoming available as of tomorrow the 27th of June, an app called Bill Angel, which is coming from Carphone Warehouse, and apparently helps user monitor their handset use in order to keep their phone bill down.

According to the guys over at Pocket-lint, the Bill Angel app measures call time, text messages and data usage, and inform you when you go beyond your allowance, although apparently with the iOS version the app will only be able to do the latter.

Although some operators and smartphones have similar schemes, the Bill Angel app is the first time a retailer will monitor a users mobile usage, but there is a catch, you should be aware that if you take advantage of the Bill Angel app you will be handing over to Carphone Warehouse details on just how your use your smartphone, and they will be able to track your activity.

The chief commercial officer for Carphone Warehouse, Graham Stapleton has said, “We’re committed to providing customers with independent impartial advice and have created the Bill Angel app to offer people a simple way to track their mobile phone usage, alerting them before reaching their tariff limits and helping them avoid additional charges.”

The Carphone Warehouse Bill Angel app as mentioned above will become available for free to the iPhone and Android device as of the 27th of this month, whilst the application will also become available to BlackBerry smartphones as of the 7th of July. Will you be making use of the Bill Angel app?

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