Help! BlackBerry support complaint by Vodafone customer

We here at Phones Review receive many emails per day, and today we thought we would share this “Customers BlackBerry Complaint” one with you. We are totally fair when we publish these sort of articles and any compnay that is mentioned within this customers review are more than welcome in having their say. Please read the following and then do comment.

Customers BlackBerry Complaint

I purchased a Blackberry Bold 9900 in November 2011, through Vodafone, on a 2-year contract, just before the Blackberry server crash. I had trouble setting it up initially as I couldn’t get the Blackberry ID sorted, but I did manage to speak to someone at Blackberry who helped. For the first few months it worked fine so there was no need for any customer service.

Alas earlier this year when I plugged in the lead to the computer, the phone started asking me for a ‘device password’ and I had 10 attempts before my phone was completely wiped. I spent a couple of hours searching the Blackberry website for a customer support number to no avail. What website has no phone number, other than one that does not want to hear from it’s customers?

My problem was not answered by the ‘frequently asked questions’ and I was about to be left stranded, until I found somewhere a contact number — horrahh! I called the number and was diverted to the United States — spoke to a chap who basically said ‘tough’ and that a device password was set when I received the phone, and that number was unknown to Blackberry and there was nothing he could do to salvage any data (unless I paid a small fortune for extra contract support) – so I had no option than to go ahead and wipe my phone.

Wiping my phone meant losing ALL my photos (which I was trying to upload in the first place), ALL my address book, ALL texts and ALL emails and email accounts. Lo and behold, the same events happened to me this morning, and I have lost ALL my data.

Blackberry has no support here in the UK. They do not care if their customers have problems. I am with Vodafone who have been as helpful as possible but they are unable to help me further. I am now left with a contract that will cost me £400 to terminate so I am stuck with this rubbish phone for the next 14 months, with the fear of being asked for this phantom ‘device password’. Everytime this comes up I will lose all my data. How can a company operate by selling merchandise with NO customer service?????

If anyone can help me with either bypassing this device password, or getting around the Vodafone contract so I can ditch this phone then please help — I am at my wits end!

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    1. Lesley Mitchell says:

      Actually, I agree with your comment, and wish I had the benefit of hindsight, but sadly I have to suffer the consequences of a bad decision.  Are you saying though that the problem is because my handset is faulty and that I should get a replacement under warranty?

      1. Ross_sutherland says:

        Did you use a credit card when taking out the contract?
        It is my understanding that if you have paid any deposit, or other charge, for the phone with a credit card you can get the credit card company to help sort out the problem as the handset appears to be unfit for purpose. The Citizens Advice Bureau should be able to advice on the specifics.
        Hope you get it sorted out soon

        1. Ian says:

           Actually Harmanp83 is not correct.

          If the contract you took out with Vodafone included the handset as part of the deal, or you purchased it from them they as the retailer who provided the handset with the associated contract are liable and provided the phone is still under the 12 months, they must under consumer right regulations repair or replace it.
          The network provider has the contract with Blackberry not the end user therefore Vodafone must contact Blackberry to get the issue resolved.
          That is written into Consumer Rights and is not negotiable so go back to Vodafone and stand your ground.

          1. Aggrivated User says:

            Vodafone Cant Do Anything In Regards To The BB Password Issue As They Do Not Have A log Of The Password It Is Setup Between The Device And User  And Are Not Able To Reset It Or Change It. It Is All Done Via The Security Settings On The Handset I Worked For Vodafone An Understand This Issue But There Is Nothing VODA Can Do

  1. Harmanp83 says:

    But being sympathetic about it, the phone was made by RIM. Vodaphone buy a bulk of handsets and assume they all work, as do the customers they sell them to. The contract is taken out between the operator and the customer for line rental and additional services. The particular contract the customer took out, came with a particular handset, in this case, a 9900.
    This handset turned out eventually to develop a fault. This is NOT the fault of the operator, but more of a handset malfunction that the developer, in this case RIM is liable for. Any cases should be settled with the manufacturer. The customer has done the right thing by stating Vodafone “who have been as helpful as possible” have done what they can.
    A citizens advice meeting is needed I think…

    Let this be a lesson too… Blackberry’s are now unfashionable, out of date and seriously unpopular!

  2. Martin Kennelly says:

    So upon plugging the phone into the computer, the phone started asking for a ‘device password?’ And when you went into settings, you confirmed that the password was not enabled? (Options » Security » Password)

    I would suggest installing ‘Blackberry Protect.’ This is a service provided by Blackberry which allows you to remotely backup your phone over the air using your Blackberry ID (which you said you have all straightened out.)

    Assuming that you do NOT have a password enabled on your device, perhaps you have a faulty or antiquated version of Blackberry Desktop Manager? Uninstall that program completely, and reboot your computer. Perhaps use a program such as CCleaner to ensure your cookies, cache, temp directories, and registry are all clean.

    You can now plug your Blackberry into your computer, and even without the desktop software, you should be able to access the device’s internal 8GB, and remove your pictures.

    If you have a MicroSD card, you should have opted to have your phone copy the pics to the SD card early on, and in which case, just pull the battery from the phone, and pull out the SD card. You can go any computer store, and for $10 buy a MicroSD » USB adapter.

    Hope this Helps!

    1. Lesley Mitchell says:

      (a) i’ve installed blackberry protect and have remotely backed up the phone, but it doesn’t seem to back up pictures on this?
      (b) i’ve upgraded my blackberry desktop manager to version 7.1 (it was version 6.1). 
      (c) interestingly during this process when in blackberry id, it did ask for my device password on the computer, but also gave me the option to disregard this request!
      (d) sadly my pictures  have been permanently wiped.  a lesson learned.
      (e) i don’t have an SD card, but will rectify that at the weekend!
      Hoping this can help me in the future!
      Thank you Martin!

  3. Gsxturbor says:

    The customer has a contract with vodaphone not blackberry if the phone is not operating properlyvodaphone should replace it as it is not fit for purposehe should seek legal advice

  4. Martin Kennelly says:

    Oh, no problem. Happy to help. I’m glad I stumbled on this post, and glad it sounds like that fixed the problem for you!

    You are correct, Blackberry Protect doesn’t include backing up of any any media on the phone, such as photos/videos. It also doesn’t include emails (you need Blackberry Desktop Software to
    backup emails). Aside from that, Protect is surprisingly thorough.

    I am sure you’re aware that you should always keep your software up-to-date, both on the phone and computer. You could be experiencing a problem that the engineers have already fixed in later releases.

    As a side note, I have a Blackberry and just love it. I tried both iPhone and Android, but came back to Blackberry. I’m an engineer myself, and my 9900 does everything I need. Yea, you’re not going to be able to play Angry Birds or Farmville on it, but do you want a phone or a toy? (I have a lot of smart friends with Android’s and iPhone’s too.)

    People love to say negative things about Blackberry, like “unfashionable” and “unpopular.” Like the phone you have; if you keep having problems, see if another phone works for you. No matter what phone you use, it will come with it’s own problems though.

  5. Carolmay04 says:

    With reference to the above complaint, I have had the same problem.  What sort of company has no Customer Service Number.  I picked up my phone one day and it had three black lines across the centre of the screen.  Also I am getting a small black square in the middle of the screen with a dial which goes around and around and while this is happening everything freezes.  I have been to Orange who insist this is Blackberry’s fault so buzz off.  What sort of people are Blackberry.  I must make a remark about the comments made by harmanp83.  What is it like to be such a know al? We can’t all be as knowledgeable as you.

  6. Lewis says:

    Avoid with all costs, this is the worse mobile phone i’ve ever had, it breaks constantly and the alarm sometimes decides not to go off and i’ve missed a remembrance service because of it, they shouldnt be allowed to sell this phone, it’s a complete and utter joke

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