Apple iPad Mini skeptical screen size & price points

Despite in the past saying Apple will never deliver a smaller version of the iPad, the rumours of a smaller iOS slate continue to do the rounds on the net. Well, as Google has now unveiled the Google Nexus 7 tablet, and there’s speculation that Amazon is to deliver the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 at some point, perhaps Apple wants to make sure they get their slice of the smaller tablet market space, and if so then it would stand to reason Apple would deliver the so called Apple iPad Mini, rumours of which have been around for quite some time.

So today we have yet more rumour on the Apple iPad Mini for your consideration courtesy of the guys over at Unwired View and by way of MyDrivers, with the first rumour being about the price of the iPad Mini, which apparently according to analysts will launch at some point with a price tag somewhere between $249 and $299, and this isn’t the first time these price points have been suggested, so could be spot on.

Then there is the Apple iPad Mini display, which apparently has been confirmed by industry sources that wish to remain anonymous of course, word is the smaller iOS tablet will have a Sharp produced Indium gallium zink oxide, (IGZO) panel that is a thin film transistor that will enable the Apple slate to be thinner than rival slates along with increasing both display quality and endurance.

As for the Apple iPad Mini screen size, the guys say that as the 7.85-inch size has been bandied about quite a bit, they would say that is the Apple iPad Mini does ever manage to make it out from Apple, it will ‘almost certainly’ come with the 7.85-inch screen size.

Of course I’m sure you know that all this is simply rumour and could be way off the mark considering this is to do with Apple gear, and there is a possibility that everyone has got it all wrong an Apple will not deliver a smaller iOS slate, although the general consensus is they will.

But for the iOS faithful out there we’d like to ask this, if Apple doesn’t deliver an Apple iPad Mini would you be disappointed, or don’t you really care as long as Apple keeps on delivering the full sized iOS tablet?

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