Sony Xperiabots can win you a smartphone in the UK

If you are over here in the United Kingdom and watch a bit of TV now and then you may have come across the Sony advert with the Sony Xperia robots, these are apparently called Xperiabots. Well it appears that Sony’s latest marketing ploy will see them releasing a multitude of these Xperiabots in the UK.

According to the guys over at Android Central, Sony is to release thousands of Xperiabots equipped with QR codes in both London and Manchester, and if you happen to be able to capture an Xperiabot, Sony will reward you with the opportunity of winning a selection of Sony gear.

Apart from these little elusive Xperiabots roaming London and Manchester they will also be popping up online in social media and banners apparently.

Word is clues will be placed through social media channels including the Sony Mobile Facebook page along with a new Twitter account that has been set up for the ‘leader bot’ @XperiaUnleashed.

The contest starts as of next Monday, and the prizes listed for successful Xperiabot capturers include the latest Xperia NXT Series handsets, tickets to movie premiers, DJ sessions, Sony 4-Screen packages, tickets to gigs and more.

So if you are in the UK and would like to have the chance of grabbing some of that Sony swag, best advice is to keep your eyes open for any further hints over the coming days.

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