Mystery Sony LT30 will be a premium smartphone

Although Sony is still churning out plenty of phones we have news today of one that seems to have escaped our radar up until now, the Sony LT30. This is unlikely to be the final name of the device but from the specs that have leaked so far it could cause some interest, as it appears it will be a premium smartphone.

A Bluetooth SIG entry has just been noted for the Sony LT30 and although there’s not much to go on just yet we do have at least a few details to pass on. The LT30 appears to have a 4.6-inch display, a rear 13-megapixel camera with 1080p video capture capability and high-quality stereo and also a front-facing shooter capable of 720p video chats. A previous user agent profile also showed an LTE-friendly Snapdragon S4 processor and that the display is 720p, all impressive stuff so far.

New information from the Bluetooth SIG entry also tells of an ARC design described as “attractive” that has a metal back cover. It weighs in at about 140g and is nicely slim at only 9mm thick, according to Phone Arena. Full dimensions are 68mm x 129mm x 9mm. A report on Engadget also discusses the Sony LT30 and notes that the model number matches up with benchmark appearances that suggest it will run on Android 4.0 ICS.

Sadly no more information is available yet but as the SIG entry does describe it as “part of the premium product line” it does sound from what we’ve now heard that a highly desirable Sony phone is on the way. The Bluetooth SIG entry hopefully means it won’t be too much longer until launch and the entry also shows that it is likely to release in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America.

We’ll be keeping our ears and eyes open and when we hear more about the LT30 we shall of course give you the latest news. What are your thoughts on this Sony handset from what we know so far? Send your comments in to us.

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