CyanogenMod Android Jelly Bean merger for CM10 creation

While many iPhone fans may chuckle when they get to hear issues with problems of malware on the Android platform, what they would like though is the openness of the platform and how much easier it is for users to flash custom software onto their handset. Today we have news of the CyanogenMod Android Jelly Bean merger for CM10 creation.

According to the team over at the Android Authority it is a good thing that CM9 had reached the Release Candidate before Android Jelly Bean was released, as it seems that the CyanogenMod team will not be able to merge the operating system that easily. The merger will consist of taking CM9 code when merging it with the Jelly Bean software to create CM10, and only then will the team be able to work on correcting any possible bugs and conflicts.

The code changes in Android Jelly Bean are not that big which will mean it should not take another six months before a stable version of CM10 is released, but they are still big enough that they need to be merged manually.

There are a number of issues that the CM team feels will happen with the merger that may cause some headaches but should be solvable. These issues include the lockscreen stuff will need restyling, Theme Engine will be messy, system UI will need restyling, and Trebuchet may be messy to rebase onto JB.

This is why nightlies will not be available for CM10 straight away until the team is satisfied with the state of the integration as well as the CM10 ROM. This work on Jelly Bean should not affect CM9 that has a RC2 release planned ahead of a stable release, and this should only take a few more weeks. It will be just in time for the team to finish the Jelly Bean merger into CM10 with all the latest bug fixes in CM9, and nightlies may be released soon after that.

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