Worldictionary iPhone App makes it easy to travel

We would like to share this short painless review covering the Worldictionary iPhone app; this was sent in to us and would love to know what you think of this application.

The Review: I am a passionate traveller, really was held up with languages and then one of my friends suggested an app called Worldictionary, which really helped me. I usually use Google translator, which is often very slow and drawn out process and voice translators don’t usually do the trick. So there I found this Worldictionary – The Instant translation & Search. It is simple and very intuitive to use, with loads of advanced features that make it useful beyond a typical translation app.

I love exploring countries and their traditions especially when it comes to exploring their traditions, the books are in their native language so this app really helps me a lot. I usually work on the country anthems and now it’s really nice to know there’s meaning in my native language and work on them, the only issue is we have is that you have to be connected to Internet to use this app.

When it comes to exploring the cuisines of the country this app helped me a lot, especially the menu cards in the restaurants. Just take a snap of the menu card in your iPhone through the app and within a jiffy you get the translation, and because of this app my exploring has become more fun. This app is so cool that it can recognize 22 different languages, which are really helpful. It actually does two works – it translates a word and sentences and it is this that makes it very user friendly.

This app reduces the human effort where you do not need to type anything. Just take a snap in your iPhone and get your needful done by the app. This app also lets me access Google, Wikipedia and YouTube from within. A wanderer like me really needs this app.

When it’s time for me to travel out of the English borders, I will make sure to take Worldictionary along for the ride. I would really recommend this app to the other travelers who are roaming around the world like me. Here you can download Wolrdictionary app for £2.49. Worth to buy it!

Please watch a demo of the app below, please do comment below on what you think about this app, thanks.

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