Dolly for iPhone brings stability to your video capture

Most with an iPhone or other smartphone would like to take more professional videos on their smartphone so their movies aren’t shaky, and now there is an accessory available that can bring a steady hand to your video capture whether you use an iPhone or other smartphone.

According to the guys over at Ubergizmo this is where the iStabilizer Dolly comes into its own. The iStabilizer Dolly uses a clever implementation of the company’s universal mount, and as a result can transform shaky videos, time-lapse, blog posts and such into smooth works of art.

The Dolly is actually compatible with any smartphone without requiring the user to remove any protective case or bumper, so it’s not just for the iPhone, and digital cameras that measure up to 2.75-inches wide, and features an 11-inch adjustable arm that secures the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry handset and others into place.

This adjustable arm then offers numerous positions and angles so the user can gain that perfect shot, and also features four big wheels to deliver a smooth fluid movement over most shooting surfaces, thus enabling shake free video, and the universal mount is detachable so can be used with any mobile device case and used with a standard tripod that has a ¼ x 20-inch mount.

For those that would like to take advantage of what the iStabilizer Dolly has to offer, we have a promo video for your viewing consideration below, and you can purchase the accessory at a cost of $59.95, by hitting up istabilizer.com.

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